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Building an agile working environment

Agile working is used to explain a dynamic and flexible workplace.

With the entrance of new generations into the workforce, the office layout movement has increasingly developed into large new settings to meet their needs – an agile environment.

According to a survey by Office Principles, approximately 35% of large corporations have transitioned to agile work. They also estimate that 92% of large corporations will adopt an innovative working environment by 2020.

What does agile working contain?

Many people will explain that agile is about culture and office life, not just design. This begins as soon as you enter a building to evaluate configurations, areas and tasks executed in each workspace.

Agile practice suggests working in a workplace for all future ages.

Agile cultures accommodate all generations, and can include up to four organisational zones: Collaborative, Social, Focus and Learning to fulfil all job tasks criteria. Small cubicles, warm tables and quiet areas could be also be a focus area. For this impromptu session, a shared space could include tables, interactive whiteboards and extra chairs and services.

AV technology includes learning zones; so you can use projection displays and microphones. Social areas include coffee machines, spread out areas and activities to help you interact and relax with your colleagues.

So why do so many companies depend on this new environment? You could save up to 30% of office space if you were to desk-share. It also reduces operating costs that might boost the money forecast.

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