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Creating a positive working atmosphere

A scenery change could be just what it takes to make your workers a happy and productive group.

But in all, imagination and ingenuity, coupled with a strong sense of your brand identity, would create a positive impact. Learn three key questions – and responses – about transforming social behaviour, but most of all helping to make the workforce future-proof.

1. Cost

To refurbish or relocate your office, you will have a budget in mind. If not, there are many variables that can make you choose one. Typically, a budget will be determined on the remainder of your lease if the building is the right size to suit your expectations, where it is built, and the age of the property.

If you have only a limited budget, you might just want to start by renovating the traditional (or client) areas.

Small changes can make major differences; the use of light, better designs and the implementation of breakout areas can have a significant impact on performance. Consult with your planner to help you make the right choices and prepare your room.

2. How much space is really needed by a company or an employee?

Today’s office trend is to have fewer single workspaces and a larger portion of space dedicated to interactive uses.

The modern office provides the right combination of these environments, which by way of advanced software often facilitate online communication with internationally distributed groups of staff, collaborators and clients.

Previously, they used to budget for 20m2 per employee, including workstation storage, a computer and personal items. Design and clever space planning have dropped this to 13m2, you don’t want to pay for more space than you need.

3. How long will it take for rehabilitation or relocation?

This all depends on the size of your office and the scope of the project. A full project plan will be issued before the work starts so you know what will be done and when.

Activities that can impair your daily business can be accomplished during working hours to minimise the impact on your business. Working towards the same target is all about achieving the plan on schedule, on budget and with minimal impact.

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