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Three tips for selecting the correct furniture

The furniture you choose for your office will affect the look, environment and, most significantly, the mood of the company.

Attracting and retaining talent is a priority for any organisation. An aesthetically pleasing office can help support this by offering a variety of workplace styles. A flexible working environment can help minimise the loss of staff and the expenses of services.

It is important to be careful when choosing the best things for your office; not only because it is costly, but also because it sends a message to your employees.

Discover three top tips to help choose the correct furniture:

1. What does your company require?

Establish what furniture types, quality and quantity your company requires. Are you planning on replacing all pieces, or are you hoping to source items that will compliment your current pieces?

2. Budgeting and timeline

Define the installation budget and timeframe before searching for options. This will allow you to decide on prices and where to buy furniture (some items can take weeks to make and supply).

Make sure both the budget and deadlines are achievable for helping you achieve your goals for transition in the workforce.

3. Health and safety

Due to the amount of time spent there, the chair is the most important furniture piece in the office. It is always necessary to consider furniture that promotes balance in a standing, sitting or perching role.

When talking about how office furniture impacts efficiency, this is what needs to be considered; if your workers feel unhappy, it will provide an unwanted diversion during their working day.

Although physical comfort is important, you should also explore the long-term health consequences or benefits that each piece can have.

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