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Top three workspace trends for 2020

To ensure that workers are kept inspired and satisfied, discover the top three trends striking the workplace with 2020 around the corner.

1. Activity-based working

From a survey we conducted with 500 SME business owners, we discovered that 68% were concerned that their current working atmosphere limits employee engagement.

Activity-based working allows employees a choice of how, when and where they work. The office offers a variety of work settings, often tailored for a different type of project, such as personal workstations and areas of teamwork.

Outside the workplace, activity-based working is enabled by allowing technology that allows employees to work from anywhere, e.g. home or even overseas.

2. Corporate personalities

An office layout represents the image of your brand, telling the story of your product.

Bringing an image to your office will help give your employees a greater sense of their overall goals and encourage recruitment efforts as well.

Giving your office an identity can help give your colleagues a heightened sense of their overall goals and also support recruitment efforts.

3. Well-being in the workplace

A positive atmosphere in the workforce is a major draw for employees considering various job openings. In 2020, promoting agile work and workplace well-being will continue to be a focus.

  • Soundproof booths minimise the noise in an open-plan setting to allow for smoother, more secure service
  • Do not sit next to the printer – they omit noise, heat and toxins
  • Natural light enhancement – bigger windows produce more natural light
  • Change the footprint of the desk and move the storage space to the basement or off-site
  • Use furniture to create anchor spaces for full-time office-based people and joint floaters desk space. Disable desk banks to create more space for groups that work in pods

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