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Information Management

SMEs hiring new talent

Expertise to reduce disruption and streamline data management

Every business stores significant amounts of information and data.

In fact, they usually keep more than needed either by not disposing off old information, or making unnecessary duplicates of documents.

Crown is unique among workplace relocation firms in that we have access to a globally respected in-house information management business.

Our advice on information architecture, storage, access and compliance (e.g. General Data Protection Regulation) will improve business performance.

Compliance is crucial for successful businesses

With new data regulations, businesses need to take greater care over the storage and security of the data they hold on clients, customers and employees. This is to provide data protection and confidentiality to your customers and employees alike. Now, there is greater scope than ever for tough punishments on companies who fail to comply with new rules.

Our Information Consultants will:

  • Conduct a complete review of business processes — to determine information management ‘health’ in your organisation
  • Design systems and controls to improve performance – ensuring you move only what you need
  • Organise data in a professional structure
  • Dispose off what isn’t needed in a safe and timely manner

Ensure your important company information is protected today for ease of access, legal compliance and peace of mind with our information management and digital preservation services.

Let us handle your information management and data compliance. Get in touch with the Crown Workspace team to find out more.

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