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Space Planning

Yellow, pink and blue cubicles side-by-side with employees in each one working in private

Optimisation of your office space

Businesses often get stuck in the habit of using their office space inefficiently. An office move or refurbishment is a good time to reassess exactly what you need from the space you occupy. Our team of experts can carry out a thorough analysis of your current office space usage and tally it against your actual business practices.

Better planning also saves money, especially if your new office layout design enables you to do more with less. Growing your business may mean adding people but space planning can help you think critically about the space people require to work productively.

Using our industry expertise and experience, we will understand the personality of your company ensuring your critical needs are met with a tailored package.

Modern office design with tables, chairs, sofas, a coffee machine section and a bar

Introduce effective social distancing measures

Businesses need to reassess their workspaces to consider how to meet social distancing requirements, whilst still creating a productive and inspiring place to work. We can work with you to understand your needs and provide optimised solutions that can be easily implemented.

We are currently supporting clients to;

  • Introduce one-way movement flows through the workspace
  • Move from agile working to fixed positions
  • Close collaboration and canteen areas to avoid unintentional gatherings

At all times, we seek to make staff feel safe and protected in a viable working environment.


The people-less office still needs the right chair

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