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Workforce Management System (Genio)

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‘Return to work’ is the term doing the rounds in the corporate boardrooms as organisations evolve practices and strategies to get back on their feet.

People-intensive operations like manufacturing and construction face challenges to address the issue of overcrowding in the workplace.

Work life in the new normal involves effective workforce tracking and social distancing policies to ensure safe working for employees.

Track workforce productivity

GENIO is an IoT (Internet of Things) based workforce monitoring solution. It makes use of cutting-edge machine-learning technology to constantly improve its ability to respond to your business challenges. A key feature is real-time tracking of employees and related compliance check, in order to ensure an organisation delivers value amidst the challenges. Through the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags, businesses can monitor real-time situation on the floor and ensure productivity as well as safety of the workforce.

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Solutions through Genio – COVID-19 & beyond

  • Contactless Attendance & Payroll – Contactless, paperless and accurate attendance management (time in/out) of all employees during entry and exit.
  • Real-time monitoring – Trace employee movements and presence in their designated work areas in real-time.
  • Incident reporting and resolution – In the event of an incident such as overcrowding in a single location violating social distancing norms, the total count of employees their identity and last locations can be traced, allowing you to respond more quickly.
  • Tracking, employee health & hygiene – Keep track of employees’ health data, body temperature recordings, monitoring of social-distancing, washing of hands and other important data points.
  • Ensure productivity – Live monitoring of employees’ movements, their idle time and presence in their designated work areas or departments keeps track on workforce productivity.
  • Contact Tracing – In case an employee tests COVID-19 positive, tracing other employees who came into contact with them over the past 14 days can be done easily.
  • Social Distancing – GENIO can be set to raise an alarm when two or more employees come close to each other and remain so for more than a minute, thereby helping maintain social distancing.
  • Rapid emergency evacuation – In an emergency, exactly locate trapped personnel inside the premise which makes the whole evacuation process seamless. The hyper decision solution will provide all the required details in a few clicks without any need to run manual reports or roll calls.
  • Event reporting and notification – In case of a breach of business protocol, incident(s) are reported and notified through emails/buzzers/visual displays/phone calls.

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