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Workers sad on blue monday

Blue Monday costs the UK £93 billion

Blue Monday costs the UK a whopping £93 billion.

Blue Monday was supposed to be the most depressing Monday of the entire year, as if every other Monday wasn’t depressing enough. It is said to fall on the third Monday of every January – this year it was the 18th.

University Tutor Cliff Arnall is said to have scientifically proved this in an equation he developed for (a now defunct) Sky Travel. Based off the hibernation effect, Arnall’s formula takes into account the poor weather, debt people may be in after Christmas and a few other factors.

So what can be done to stop future Blue Monday blues? There’s always the option to move your offices and employees to somewhere sunnier.

If Blue Monday doesn’t make you feel like moving everything to another country, here are some tips to help employees feeling so glum.

Make staff feel valued

Even if it’s a dress down day or sweets handed out during working hours, employees will appreciate the gesture and give them something to look forward to.

Focus on the future

Don’t let staff focus on what a miserable day it’s meant to be. Keep reminding them about what’s in store for the future (and try to make it something positive).

Start walking

Exercise is meant to boost levels of serotonin (a chemical that makes you happier), so organise a group walk. Even if it’s just around the office it will get employee’s blood flowing.

Do something charitable

There have been many articles and studies showing that doing something charitable is directly linked to personal happiness.

Keep the office well

lit-You may have heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). January falls within the winter months where SAD can be in full swing. A good way to try and counteract the effects would be to keep the office well-lit through artificial, or preferably natural light.

Whether or not you believe in Blue Monday really being the worst day of the year, it’s difficult to argue against Monday being a horrible day. This gives everyone an excuse to eat more chocolate. What’s not to like?

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