Creating Positive Environments to Help Increase Staff Productivity
SME businesses working together using an Apple Mac Book while sitting on opposite sofas deciding on what they are least willing to compromise on

Creating Positive Environments for Staff

Crown Workspace answers some of those essential questions about improving cultural behaviours but most of all helping to future-proof your workplace.

What do I want my office space to say about my company?

The right office design can help communicate your corporate brand, vision and image to both clients and employees. A good design helps your employees to live the brand on a daily basis and provides a catalyst for positive change. An attractive and intelligent workplace will also help to attract and retain top talent.

How do I encourage certain behaviours?

Design can encourage or discourage certain behaviours. For example, if you want to encourage recycling, you can install recycling stations throughout the office, providing easy access and clear instructions. Or perhaps you want more engagement between employees working across different departments? Creating a centralised breakout area or printing station will encourage them to leave their immediate work area and share their thoughts and ideas with other employees.

How long will the refurbishment take?

This all depends on the size of your office and the scope of the project. A full project plan will be issued before the work starts so you know what will be done and when. Things that may affect your day-to-day business can be undertaken outside of working hours to reduce the impact on your business. It’s all about working towards the same goal and delivering the project on time and on budget and with minimum impact.

Workplace sizing – how much space does a business or an employee really need?

The trend in offices today is to have fewer and smaller individual workspaces and a larger portion of the space dedicated to interactive uses. The modern office provides the right mix of these spaces which also support virtual interaction with globally dispersed teams of colleagues, partners and customers through enhanced technology.

Back in the day you used to plan for 250 square feet per employee, providing space for a workstation, computerand personal items. Clever space planning and design has dropped that to 150 square feet. You don’t want to pay for more space than you have to.


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