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Space restoration, Disposal & Dismantling

After some renovation or refurbishment work to existing commercial properties to meet your business’s specific requirements, the responsibility lies with you as the tenant to restore the properties’ space to the original condition and dismantling all fixtures and fittings that were installed in the space. Even power points and data points will have to be dismantled if they have been installed by the tenant.

reinstatement work perform by Crown Workspace SG

Scope of space restoration work:

  • Dismantle & removal of partition walls and ceilings, wall signs, posters, wallpapers and etc
  • Removing existing floor finishes
  • Relining and reinstating ceiling boards to acceptable condition
  • Terminating power points and removing wiring, cables and data points installed in premises
  • Hacking and demolishing installed hollow block walls as well as any other minor structural work
  • Removing existing office furniture, cubicles, workstations and disposal of debris
  • Relocating and reinstalling power points, lighting points and water points
  • Dismantling and removing the air-conditioning & compressor unit and relocating ducting
  • Dismantling and removing the security system, water sprinkler and fire security systems if they have been installed by the tenant
  • Dismantling and removing internal doors, curtains / blinds and any other interior fittings or built-in furniture
  • Repainting the walls and ceilings to the original colour
  • Dismantle and reassembling of office furniture

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