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Covid-19 Reopening Services

reopening offices after covid 19

Bringing your employees back to work safely is our top priority.

As your business and employees return to the workplace changes to the workplace will need to be made.  Some of these will be temporary, others will be standard, as workplace strategies are revised post COVID-19.

FMLink 2020 Covid-19 guide to reopening safely clearly states that 80% of employees are worried about contracting Coronavirus at the office. We have enhanced many of our services in accordance with the CDC guidelines so we may help you navigate the ever changing landscape.

See our newly enhanced services below and then contact us.

Workplace Reopening Services

Crown Workspace partners with ServPro

Crown & SERVPRO®  Cleaning, disinfecting and workplace remediation

Reopening your business is just the beginning working in a new normal. Having employees and customers know they are in a safe environment will help bring back your business. That’s why we’ve partnered with SERVPRO® –  a nationally recognized leader in bio-remediation.

By providing the following services we are confident your workforce can get up and running quickly and stay safe throughout the workday:

  • SERVPRO®  Deep Cleaning – One-time deep clean.
  • Certified SERVPRO®  Cleaning – a maintenance program that goes beyond what a janitorial service will provide. Your company will receive branding for the office and your website announcing your commitment to your employees and customers.
  • Porter Service – A person(s) that will be on premise to clean high touch surfaces during the workday.

Crown and SERVPRO®  are committed to going above and beyond to make you and your employees feel safe.

Click here to download our Crown and SERVPRO® services flyer. 


Plexiglass Protective Barriers: Keep your staff safe at their desks

Helping maintain social distancing and physical separate while protecting employees our plexiglass barriers are being rapidly installed at workplaces and public facilities to protect employees and customers. 

These protective barriers offer protection from the direct spread of airborne droplets containing COVID 19 coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria.

  • Safeguard everyone in your workplace with acrylic sneeze guards and barriers. 
  • No installation required. 
  • Divider panels on free standing feet can be moved as needed to provide a barrier and separation anyway on counters, desks or work surface areas. 
  • Plexiglass is easy to clean and disinfect.

We can customize size, shape & options to meet your specifications.

Space planning: Introducing effective social distancing measures

Businesses need to reassess their workspaces to consider how to meet social distancing requirements to keep the first wave of workers – up to 50% – safe. Our project managers can work with you to understand your needs and provide retro-fitted solutions that can be easily implemented; now, for the short-term and the long-term post covid-19.

We are currently supporting clients through sensible design strategies by;

  • Introducing one-way movement flows through the workspace
  • Reducing density by moving from agile working to fixed position, like moving desks apart and removing unnecessary chairs
  • Adding barriers between work areas introducing hard or fabric barriers that are scientifically proven to stop or deflect airborne viruses
  • Reconfiguring communal and ancillary spaces, such as break rooms and kitchen areas
  • Introducing flexible furniture that can be easily moved and reconfigured

At all times, we are taking extra precautions to make your staff feel safe and protected in a viable working environment.

Supporting you through COVID-19

We will continue to work together with our clients to find solutions in this challenging situation. The impact of COVID-19 is rapidly evolving. We are continually monitoring developments and have increased capacity of our key services to support our clients during this unprecedented period.

To establish how we can support you better, please contact us.

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