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Return to Work Services

reopening offices after covid 19

Bringing your employees back to work safely is our top priority.

As your business and employees return to the workplace changes to the workplace will need to be made.  Some of these will be temporary, others will be standard, as workplace strategies are revised post COVID-19.

FMLink 2020 Covid-19 guide to reopening safely clearly states that 80% of employees are worried about contracting Coronavirus at the office. We have enhanced many of our services in accordance with the CDC guidelines so we may help you navigate the ever changing landscape.

How workplaces will operate and what this means in terms of shifts, working layouts and staff protection measures will continue to evolve.  We have a range of services to support you through these challenging times.

Whether it’s changing the workspace, protecting employees on their return to the workplace or facilitating longer term home working, we continue to prioritize safety and sustainability at this difficult time.

See our newly enhanced services below:

  1. Commercial Disinfectant Services
  2. Plexiglass Protective Barriers
  3. Social Distancing Space Planning

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Supporting you through COVID-19

We will continue to work together with our clients to find solutions in this challenging situation. The impact of COVID-19 is rapidly evolving. We are continually monitoring developments and have increased capacity of our key services to support our clients during this unprecedented period.

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