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Case Study

Jebsen’s new headquarter – three phases move

Jebsen Group, founded in 1895, builds and invests in a selection of premium brands that bring new products, services and experiences to the changing consumer in Greater China. After a year of planning, design discussions and construction, Jebsen Group decided to move their staff from Lee Garden and MOKO into their Hysan Place headquarter (HQ) in Hong Kong.

Jebsen required relocation of 400 workstations and office equipment, and high level of IT services. Crown’s integrated services were well-positioned to fulfil these requirements. The move combined multiple brands and offices for better synergy and collaboration among different departments and functions.

Three phases of move

The new HQ of Jebsen has a 3-storey interconnecting staircase to bring together multiple brands and functions, with desk areas that have been transformed into an agile working space. Crown offered a customized relocation plan for Jebsen and promised to minimise disruption for the client. Jebsen decided to commission the tender to Crown Workspace to make their office relocation and installation project easier.

The relocation project was carried out in three phases in a month. The final major move completed outside of office hour. Crown also carried out a special handling of Jebsen’s antique furniture as requested. Crown fulfilled the requirements of this project ahead of the agreed timescale, the client was very pleased with the result of the project and the professionalism and attentiveness of Crown’s Project Manager, putting customers at the heart of everything we do.

The services provided included:

  • Project management
  • High-security IT decommission
  • Relocation and logging of personal effects
  • Office furniture relocation