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At Crown Workspace Singapore, we provide flexible commercial storage for your office items, documents or data, and make the office move more efficient by keeping your company assets in the right condition, safely stored and protected, as well as barcoded and indexed for easy retrieval and effective management. Our storage facilities in Singapore are equipped with the latest security systems, including fire and theft prevention and environmental controls.

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Moving your office safely during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Tips to plan an office move safely during the Covid-19 pandemic

Office relocation, what company do I use?

Relocating offices is an exciting experience. It’s the opportunity to make positive changes to the business. Discover three factors to consider when choosing a relocation company.

What are the short and long-term workplace trends in a post-Covid world?

There are many factors which influence trends in workspace design and workplace culture, so planning for life after Covid-19 is no easy task for businesses that want to look ahead in 2021. What is most complicated for employers is working out what new trends in the workplace environment are temporary, and perhaps stay in place […]

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