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Case Study

Strategic office relocation for cost efficiency and remote work adaptation

Strategic office relocation for cost efficiency and remote work adaptation

Darktrace Singapore Pte Ltd operates as a subsidiary of Darktrace Holdings plc, a distinguished British cybersecurity company established in 2013, and headquartered in the United Kingdom. Serving as the regional and local presence for Darktrace within the dynamic Asia-Pacific realm, encompassing Singapore and neighbouring nations,  Darktrace Singapore is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and services.



Darktrace office interior

The company is relocating its workforce of over 60 employees, shifting from their current Asia Square Tower office space, which spans approximately 10,000 square feet, to The Executive Centre at Capital Square, a dynamic co-working space on Church Street.

They have decided to relocate its office premises, primarily driven by a desire to optimize its real estate expenditures. The company is shifting from a grade-A conventional office space to a more cost-effective serviced office environment. This move also symbolises the company’s recognition that a significant portion of its workforce has adapted to remote work and questions the necessity of a large office space.

In preparation for concluding the handover process of their former 10,000-square-foot office space, Darktrace was required to reinstate the property to its original, immaculate state. This includes the meticulous dismantling of any prior modifications made to the premises, replacement of any deteriorated structures and other restoration works.

Services that we supported with:

  1. Demolishment of structures

  2. Reinstatement and refurbishment

  3. Furniture recycling

Efficient and seamless office reinstatement

Crown Workspace Singapore was appointed by Darktrace as the reinstatement contractor to manage and execute the entire office reinstatement project, overseeing every aspect from planning to completion. A dedicated project manager was appointed to oversee and execute every aspect of the reinstatement project including demolition, refurbishment, furniture recycling, and realignment of requirements on-site to obtain building management’s approval for the designated areas.

The project manager also managed material procurement, coordinated with subcontractors, and ensured full compliance with local regulations and safety standards, encompassing architectural and M&E works. Regular updates and transparent communication were provided to ensure all stakeholders were well informed throughout the process.

Crown Workspace’s dedication to sustainability was evident throughout this project. The team was committed to achieving Crown Workspace’s sustainability objectives by recycling the client’s unwanted furniture. Additionally, the project manager successfully devised a cost-effective solution to replace a specialised locking system, which needed to be sourced from overseas to ensure a seamless unit handover. An emergency response team remained on standby to promptly address any unforeseen issues.

The experienced project operations team and skilled workforce carried out the project efficiently and within the stipulated timeframe, with the client’s spaces restored to their original condition. Despite last-minute challenges, such as the discovery of a malfunctioning air-conditioning unit during the final stages of handover, the project was completed on time, displaying the team’s efficiency and commitment to the client’s expectations. In addition, the company adeptly navigated access constraints, ensuring the smooth movement of materials and personnel while upholding stringent safety standards.

“We couldn’t be happier with Crown’s exceptional work on this project. Their outstanding performance not only met our tight deadline but exceeded our expectations in every way.

Crown’s dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence truly shone throughout the project. They understood our unique challenges and delivered solutions that not only saved us time and money but also transformed our spaces efficiently and beautifully.

They’re more than contractors, they’re true partners in our success. We highly recommend their services and are delighted with the exceptional outcome they’ve achieved.

Additionally, a special thanks goes out to the three individuals I worked closely with – Branden, Shemaine and Janet – your contributions were invaluable to this project’s success.”

Rebecca, Darktrace Pte Ltd