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Case Study

The largest library move in Macau

Move of priceless items

The University of Macau (UM) was relocated to a new Hengqin campus, which has a floor area of 32,000 square metres and has the capacity to hold one million copies of books.

The client’s requirements were to move 26,000 items in total. This included 480,000 volumes of monographs and 4,000 periodical titles. Additionally, the priceless items of 12,000 volumes of old Chinese editions and 300 pieces of artwork had to be relocated.

Dedicated Crown staff

We placed a team of three Crown staff in MOU for one month before the physical move. This was to prepare for labelling, planning, coordination, scheduling and any other client requirements.

The team worked on a shelf by shelf location plan for all the library items.


Specialized packing solutions

We also tailor-made file cartons specifically for the library books. This was necessitated by the books needing to be laid horizontally instead of vertically in the cartons. This packing requirement was to ensure that the corners of the books were not damaged in transit.

No items were damaged or went missing during the move. The move was completed as planned and the new library opened on time.

Careful planning

A very detailed, professional and well thought-out plan was put into action. This is of particular important when one considers the specific requirements that pertain to a library.

During the 30-day relocation, Crown’s commercial moving team provided excellent service on packing, moving and shelving which perfectly met the client’s expectations.

“Thank you again for everything you have done for The University of Macau. I am sure that without your great job we cannot achieve this move.”

Raymond Wong, the Librarian of UM