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PAS2060: carbon neutral moves and changes for Crown Workspace

Crown Workspace are proud to announce that we have self-certified to PAS 2060, achieving carbon neutrality for our moves and change services from 2022 onwards.

PAS2060 is a global carbon neutrality standard developed by the British Standards Institution (BSI) to provide a framework for organisations to achieve carbon neutrality.  To become certified, companies must measure their carbon footprint, set reduction targets, and offset any remaining emissions through verified carbon credits or other means.

In order to achieve PAS2060, we have created an evidence report, which details our methods and progress in achieving emissions reductions.  We have worked with our trusted carbon and data experts to understand our carbon footprint and create a management plan that allows us to commit to ongoing carbon neutrality and reach our net zero targets.

Within the report, we quantified our carbon footprint using a baseline of 2021, which we used to estimate how many carbon credits we would require to offset our emissions in 2022.  After measuring our carbon footprint, we purchased 1000 offsets with Gold Standard.  This saved 1,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere and covers the remaining emissions from relocations in 2022 that were unable to be reduced through behaviour change and energy or fleet procurement decisions.  Our carbon footprint for 2021 was found to be approximately 967 CO2e(tonnes), which leaves a 5% contingency in our credits to cover any unknown emissions.

We will now re-calculate our emissions for 2022 to ensure that the credits we purchased are sufficient in offsetting all of them, however we believe that if anything, our emissions will have reduced.  In the carbon management plan, we set out our planned and implemented means for achieving GHG reductions, which included training on energy consumption, the purchase of renewable energy, energy audits and transitions to LEDs and reducing our carbon emissions from transportation.  We have made huge achievements so far, with the end of 2022 showing a 38% reduction in our scope 1 & 2 emissions since a 2019 baseline for Crown UK&I as a whole.

We have decided to offset through Gold Standard, an industry-leading global offsetting standard set up by WWF and other international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to ensure best practice.  The Gold Standard Foundation certifies projects run by NGOs all over the world by creating robust standards for climate and development interventions, that enable the credible measurement of impact.

Crown Workspace will continue to purchase the required number of carbon credits in order to offset our emissions, while working tirelessly to reduce our absolute emissions wherever possible.

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