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Space utilization: Optimizing space, boosting productivity & keeping in budget

The definition of space utilization has changed.

This comes as no surprise with hybrid working now the norm for so many office-based workers. To ensure workplaces are suited to this new way of working, businesses have been looking at how they transform and utilize space, to enhance the employee experience while maintaining high levels of productivity.

Yet, with staff predicted to return to the office by the end of 2024, how can you ensure that your office is prepared?


Our latest guide touches on:

  • Creating an office space your staff want to be in while balancing the need for productivity and collaboration.
  • Identifying the suitability of your current workspace, and why optimizing office space can generate increased efficiency.
  • Ensuring that space optimization efforts prove cost-effective all while considering their environmental impacts.


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Space utilization: optimizing space, boosting productivity & keeping in budget

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