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The ultimate guide to office relocation

There are numerous reasons why an organization will consider an office move, a lease break or expiry may be looming, or they may be growing as a business and need to find a larger, more fit for purpose space.

In this guide to office relocation, we’ll cover the step by step instructions to help you put together a plan of action that results in maximum efficiency:

  • Appoint a project leader to manage the whole process.
  • Pick the perfect location to base your company.
  • Forecast a relocations budget.
  • Enlist a property agent to assist your property search.
  • Hire an office relocation specialist with the right credentials.
  • Work with IT to implement their strategy into your new workplace.
  • Complete a storage audit to map out a landscape of your data.
  • Communicate with your employees to let them know about any changes.
  • Understand what space you really need and how to use it.
  • Pick furniture that is practical, comfortable and attractive.
  • Decide how sustainable you’d like your office to be.
  • Ensure your workplace relocation specialist provides a dedicated move manager to liaise with all external stakeholders.
  • Carry out a debrief once you’ve moved as key learnings will be useful for the next time.

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