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Webinar: How to successfully hit your office move budget and refine office space to save cost

The current economic downturn has made it more challenging for businesses to cleverly reduce spend whilst still delivering a high-quality work environment. Many businesses are already looking at smarter ways of accommodating increasing numbers of workers in the same space to minimize costs, or relocating workers to other locations with lower property costs to minimize their overheads.

Whether you are moving out of central business districts, adapting hot desking or reducing office space, this pandemic is going to have a big influence on office design one way or another, and you should use this time to refine your workplace strategy so you don’t lose any ground once things recover.

Join us for this joint webinar with German Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong, featuring the Head of Crown Workspace, Henry Chan, and General Manager of Hong Kong & Macau, Luis Contreras, to learn:

  • How to put together a more accurate office relocation budget
  • The market trends: How some of Hong Kong’s businesses are refocusing their efforts in the workplace
  • How to prepare and organize your office move

Date: October 7, 2020 (Wed)

Time: 11 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

Register here: 


Henry Chan, Head of Crown Workspace at Crown Worldwide Group
Henry is the Head of Crown Workspace Hong Kong. He has over 15 years of managerial experience in the relocation industry. He has shaped the plans and strategy of large-scale office relocation projects, specialized in coordinating and assisting clients with their office relocation.

Luis Contreras, General Manager – Hong Kong and Macau at Crown Worldwide Group
Luis joined the Crown Worldwide Group in 2015. He has spent 5 years in Philippines as Country Manager and achieved business integration, created greater efficiencies and high standards within the business operations. The last 16 months he is with the Crown Hong Kong team as General Manager for Hong Kong and Macau, overseeing relocation, World Mobility, Workspace, and Fine Art business in the region. Luis is originally from the U.S.

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