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Refresh, Relocate or Remove: How to make the best workspace decision for your business?

In every market globally, people and workplaces have traditionally been the two biggest investments organizations have had to make. They are inextricably linked and together are key to inspiring better performance.

This connection arguably remains stronger today than ever, even though the world of work fundamentally changed over the past 18 months. In many ways the pandemic merely supercharged the drivers of change rather than triggering them. In turn accelerating the need for organizations to review workplace strategies.

Responding to workplace change is an uphill challenge for all companies. And right now, it’s time to decide how you want your workspace to evolve for the future. Make the right decision to prosper, gain a competitive advantage, and inspire your workforce.

Our latest whitepaper: Refresh, Relocate or Remove? is based on global research with our teams and discusses the three ‘R’ options:

Which ‘R’ is right for your business?

  • Refresh offices to become modern collaboration hubs to attract and retain talent, improve productivity and engagement
  • Relocate to suburban, smaller or lower cost offices as their needs for space expand or scale back
  • Remove or mothball offices and continue working remotely to adapt to more agile working practices

We see an increase in demand for workspace transformation, so we recommend planning changes soon before an inevitable shortage of labor, expertise and materials.

Download our whitepaper ‘Refresh, Relocate or Remove

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