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Webinar: Making the best Workspace decision for your business

Pre-pandemic, the workplace was evolving, and many trends that were taking place around re-thinking workspaces have been happening – Covid has just accelerated them.

As the world slowly opens again and employees start to return to the workplace in many locations, all employers across the globe are facing a critical decision. More than ever before, companies have a duty of care to their employees and their wellness. How to evolve their physical workspace to ensure their people remain inspired?

Their workspace will need a refresh for many, especially as they become primary hubs for physical collaboration. Other organizations may need to relocate their workspaces altogether, perhaps to downsize, upsize, or reflect changes to their business models. Whereas others they may seek to remove the physical workspace altogether, fueled by new collaboration technologies.

Join Richard Willeter, Group Strategy Director, Chair of Crown Workspace steering group and our diverse set of panelists from multinational blue chip organizations with global and regional perspectives. Together we will look at global workplace trends and consider the question of Refresh, Relocate or Remove during our webinar session.

Underlying themes we’ll be discussing:

    1. Understand the drivers of workplace changes
    2. Exploring the three Rs: Refresh, Relocate or Remove
    3. Hear how other companies are approaching this choice, from different markets and sectors
    4. Interact with expert panelists to uncover key insights

60 minutes on Tuesday, October 12th – 11 a.m. Hong Kong
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