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Crown understands the importance of making the most of your space and minimizing downtime, which is why we are here to help. We simplify the complexities involved in relocating your workplace and give you more freedom to go about your day-to-day operations whilst handling any issues that might arise during the project.

The Crown Workspace brand officially launched globally in 2018. Key markets include Europe, America and Asia Pacific. Providing a customized and tailored solution for every type of office and workplace, Crown Workspace’s services and expertise include office moving, project move management, IT services and storage.

During all this time our objective has stayed the same. To provide clients with stress-free and simple solutions to workplace change projects.

Find out more about the service we offer in Japan with our PDF guide

日本でのサービス詳細(PDF) はこちら

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Our Workspace Services in Japan

Our Tokyo Location


Crown Worldwide K.K.
ASITIS Shiba 402, 2-12-13 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014, Japan

〒105-0014 東京都港区芝2-12-13 ASITIS芝402

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An office move can be one of the biggest decisions your organization will make. With people and workplaces being the two greatest investments, attracting the best people in the current culture means rethinking their working environment. Furthermore, taking current staff’s considerations into account when planning an office move are essential to the project’s success. We’ve […]

Managing an office relocation project without overspending can be a real challenge. Due to their complexity, office moves can be a nightmare as with an industrial move to project manage and even harder to accurately budget for, especially given the hidden costs that can arise out of the blue. Every stage of relocation can pose […]

There are many factors that influence trends in the modern office spaces design and workplace culture, so planning for life after Covid-19 is no easy task for businesses that want to look ahead in 2021. What is most complicated for employers is working out what new trends in the workplace environment are temporary, and perhaps stay […]