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Recycling & Disposal

Nothing should go to waste

Over time, all businesses collect furniture and equipment and at some point, they may become no longer fit for purpose. This may be due to changes in employee needs, trends and business priorities which businesses must respond to.

On top of this, when it comes to recycling, many of these items don’t fit the profile of traditional recycling services. That is why working with a professional service provider for your recycling and disposal is essential.

Supporting your sustainability agenda

The days of sending goods straight to a landfill and throwing it into skips are long gone. In keeping with Crown’s global CSR policies, we make it our responsibility to dispose of any unwanted items in environmentally appropriate ways. This is to help you adhere to your own organization’s corporate and social responsibilities.

Safe and secure disposal

As part of our recycling and disposal service, we help businesses meet their legal and environmental commitments when disposing of redundant items, particularly IT hardware. IT equipment is securely destroyed to ensure your critical data does not fall into the wrong hands. And, component parts and other materials are then recycled.

We collect it all and recycle what we can to ensure it does not end up in a landfill.