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5 tips to consider when moving office

An office move can be one of the organisation’s biggest decisions.

The two biggest costs for any company are people and workplaces, whilst attracting the best talent in the current climate means rethinking their working environment. In fact, taking into account the needs of current staff when planning a transition to an office is essential to the success of the project.

Here are five steps to consider for a successful office move in your organisation.

1. Appointing a Project Leader

Firstly, you should engage with key stakeholders and decision-makers from IT, HR, Marketing and Finance and nominate a ‘Project Leader’.

The appointed representative will be the point of contact and will be responsible for cascading information about the relocation to the rest of the organisation. This person needs to have good communication skills, respect, authority, and ideally some previous budgeting and fit-out experience.

2. Choosing a location

It’s important to choose the right location – not just for your corporation, but for your employees as well. Do you have a link, a network, or do you see growth potential in the site? When thinking about your new location, these are important questions and HR issues to consider.

Another thing to consider is how far it is for your staff to commute, and the accessibility for clients to visit. Car parking facilities are another consideration; are there enough spaces for your employees and visitors to be accommodated?

3. Information Technology

What is your IT strategy and how can it be implemented in the new workplace? Where and at what cost do you store your data? In order to identify what information you actually possess, where you manage it and the processes around it, an IT or software analysis should be conducted. This could assist in cost-saving matters.

Hot-desking is another IT consideration; it can save office space, but do you have the technical equipment to support it? Wi-Fi, cloud storage and services for digital scanning can all help improve your IT efficiency. This is also a great time to review how to manage your information, and how this can be made more efficient in the new workplace.

4. Engage with employees

Employees are your organisations’ biggest asset. Therefore, it is vital to keep them up to date on your relocations plans. You also have a legal requirement to notify them of any changes. As part of the relocation package, your selected relocation company should offer, recommend and implement an employee communications programme.

In addition to engaging with workers, it is important to understand what your employees really want from their workforce and to develop a strategy to illustrate this.

5. Environmental and sustainability considerations

Sustainability issues are now a large and complex part of any process of moving offices. If sustainability is similar to the core values of your company, then consideration of your needs in the office movement process is crucial.

A sustainable office model should be sensitive to its impact on the environment. This includes the consumption of energy and water, quality of equipment and long-term energy efficiencies. It also includes standards for building materials, waste management and quality of furniture.

The benefits of a green office include increased productivity, reduced energy bills and a more productive workspace, as well as being responsible for the impact you have on the environment.

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