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IT Services

We understand the need for limited downtime and offer a flexible service to meet your unique requirements. We provide professional IT support services whether you are simply moving or changing your IT systems or infrastructure.

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Your IT in the safest of hands

Our experienced, qualified and informed specialists will complete the job efficiently, securely and sustainably leaving you to focus on your core business, in the knowledge that your IT is in the safest of hands. We will work closely with your IT & facilities team to ensure the transition is flawless from the pre-move audit through to the handover.

Depending on your needs we can unplug, pack, relocate, set-up and test your company’s PCs and data devices.

Security is paramount

Feel confident that your IT systems and infrastructure are secure throughout your move or change. Our specialist teams are fully trained giving you total confidence in the security of our operations.

With security paramount and services designed around you, we maximize the financial, environmental and social value of your redundant IT and electrical equipment while minimizing any risks, ensuring you meet your legal requirements.

Data Center Relocation

Relocating data centers have unique challenges from a standard office move as it can get complicated and making sure the move goes successfully requires preparation and experience.

Our team at Crown Workspace Indonesia spends a lot of time outlining the details of every commercial data center move we manage, which means that you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you’re in capable hands.

We had listed the 4 most important aspects below that will ensure a seamless transition of data center infrastructure.

Data center relocation checklist

Our data center relocation services can support you with:

  • Verifying Migration Path – Prior to relocating your servers, our trained IT professionals will do a walk-through of your new space to access security measures, migration path for installation and provide a detailed relocation plan for where all equipment will go and how it should be set up.
  • Minimize Downtime – Your dedicated data center move manager will work closely with you to understand your organization’s requirements. Our team will meet with your IT team prior to the move to lay out the details such as the project timeline and phases, preparation procedures, security requirements and others to help you manage critical tasks and reduce downtime.
  • Data Backup – Our team of IT technicians will carry out data backups to protect against any loss or damage that may occur during the move. Backups don’t just apply to data either. We will also help to backup data within spare critical parts such as hard drives or optics in the event that any were damaged or lost during the move.
  • Risk and Disruption Mitigation – Our highly-trained IT professionals with years of experience will help you to minimize the risks of data disruption or even worse, data loss. By leveraging the processes and infrastructure we have in place, we can ensure disruption-free IT equipment and data center relocation for our clients.

Planning is key

We understand the importance of precise planning when relocating IT systems and infrastructure. For this reason, we work together with your team to identify configuration, plan migration, mitigate risks, manage dependencies and create contingency options.

Working to your requirements we will visit your site, in or out of office hours, to conduct a pre-move audit. This establishes your security, access, power arrangements and builds our understanding of your unique requirements and system set-up. All workstation assets can be tagged with a unique identifier as part of an asset register, ensuring business as usual can be resumed as quickly as possible. We will provide a comprehensive report, produced to your exact specification.

Standalone or fully integrated, as part of our service, we can manage the IT changes in conjunction with a wider move or refurbishment project.

Find out more about how we can help with IT services by speaking with one of our experts.

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