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Storage for your business: Four key considerations when looking for a provider

Your organization will have various reasons to store business resources; it may be storage for a relocation, security, safety, or even decluttering to create space.

Whatever the need, Crown Workspace has nearly 60 years of experience and over 250 facilities worldwide, and we have a track record of offering the very best storage solutions for assets of every value.

With that in mind, we’ve listed four key questions to ask about storing your assets with removal and storage companies.

“How will you keep our items safe?”

Whether you’re creating office space, preparing for moving day, or ensuring compliance is met, security is imperative when storing your business’s items. All storage companies need sufficient security measures in place.

A storage company will look to safeguard your items in several ways. This may include a combination of surveillance cameras, access control systems, fencing, alarm systems, as well as on-site security. Strong security measures can help reduce risks of  theft and damage to important items or data, as well as grant peace of mind.

When storing your belongings with Crown Workspace, our facilities are secure by design. Our global facilities come with restricted access controls, alarm systems, as well as CCTV and staff surveillance 24 hours a day. We also ensure items are packaged using appropriate materials to maintain their condition and barcoded rather than named to avoid the possibility of identification.

“What climate controls do you offer?”

When exploring office storage options, maintaining the condition of the item is key. Furniture items, artwork, and IT equipment may require specific storage conditions to protect them from extreme temperatures and humidity.

Storing your belongings with Crown Workspace ensures your items are always in the safest hands. Our facilities offer a responsive, secure, and competitive business storage service to suit any need, including containerized, racked, enhanced options for high-value items, and climate-controlled storage.

All of our facilities are built to a high specification to guard against fire, pests, water, and theft, with fire alarms, zonal sprinkler systems, inert gas fire suppression, and dedicated vaults to protect valuable and historic items.

“How easy will it be to access our items once they’re in storage?”

Enquiring about the ease of access and retrieval of items is important – you might need to retrieve an item for general use. Maybe you need a specific legal document. Perhaps you’re transferring a piece of office furniture to its destination location following an office move. Whatever the reason, accessibility should be a key consideration when it comes to storage.

Crown Workspace understands that once items are stored away, that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t need to access them again. As a result, we have invested in and developed a unique online system, MoveMan, to facilitate easy inventory management. Through MoveMan, we make managing remote assets easy, convenient, and accessible with a full inventory list capturing details including the item name, color, and condition. Plus, with real-time inventory checks, retrieval services, and shipment organization, our user-friendly client portal allows for next-day retrieval and even multiple levels of permissions.

“How flexible are your storage options?”

Flexible storage options are essential, especially for growing businesses or businesses going through an office relocation. There can be delays, storage might only be required for a short period, or you might find that as your business develops you need to upscale or downscale the storage needed. It’s key to look for the storage option that you feel will be able to tailor to your needs.

At Crown Workspace, we recognize the demand for flexible, cost-effective options. Depending on the reason for storage, we understand that storage needs can be short-term temporary accommodation or a more long-term solution. We look to offer a service that suits any client’s needs.

Our sustainable approach ensures the best possible economic and environmental outcomes while ensuring you’re not incurring unnecessary storage costs for these items. At Crown Workspace, we help you to identify which items are not being used, and can perhaps be disposed of, donated, or recycled. We can then quote for the repair or refurbishment of items to encourage their reuse, or alternatively sustainably clear out redundant assets from storage.

Choosing the right storage company is a critical decision that requires careful consideration, and asking the right questions and understanding the available options is essential to ensure your belongings are stored appropriately. At Crown Workspace, we understand the importance of providing excellent storage solutions and have been helping clients worldwide store their personal and corporate items safely and securely for over 50 years.

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