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Case Study

Full move management support and workspace solutions for leading financial information company

Our client is one of the world’s largest providers of financial markets data and infrastructure. With significant operations in 70 countries and 23,000 employees globally, our client helps customers to execute critical investing, trading and risk decisions with confidence by providing relevant information, insights, and technology.

Our client expanded their presence to Singapore in 2021 through acquisition as one of the efforts to connect people to opportunity – driving performance, innovation, and growth for customers and partners.


Integrating sustainability stipulations into business strategy

Coming to the end of their lease at Science Park, our client wanted to reduce its real estate footprint by implementing a consolidation strategy of all offices in Singapore to one single location in the central district of Singapore, underscoring their commitment to being a strategic enabler of sustainable growth and drive financial stability.

As part of the client’s relocation plan towards a flexible workspace for around 350 employees, client also required a full move management support and workspace solutions that include offsite storage, office furniture relocation, as well as our full range of specialist IT relocation support, included dismounting servers for e-waste collection.

Due to the always-available needs of the trading business, it is essential that disruption was minimized during the move to maintain business continuity. Our dedicated Move Manager worked closely with the client and scheduled the move to be completed in five phases so as to reduce disruption to daily business operations and make sure that part of the office can still be functional.


Services that we supported with:

  1. Site assessment
  2. Move management
  3. Industrial packing and transporting of company assets and office furniture
  4. Specialist IT equipment relocation
  5. IT decommission & recommission
  6. IT packing, transporting, and unpacking
  7. E-waste management
  8. Offsite business storage
  9. Site housekeeping


Planning and project management is everything

Crown Workspace Singapore was commissioned by the Client after a detailed and customized service proposal to provide full move management support and workspace solutions. A dedicated project manager from Crown Workspace Singapore was appointed to implement and coordinate a move strategy.

The Client required the supply of removal services to dismantle, move and reassemble staff effects, materials and general office assets including packing, transport and unpacking Also full desktop IT decommission, audit, pack, move and recommission at the new location, together with offsite storage to provide their staffs the much-needed space to work more efficiently.

Throughout the process, the priority was to keep people working and to minimize disruption. So, it was crucial for our dedicated move manager to work closely with all personnel involved in this project including the client’s project management contractor, interior designer and facilities manager. The move manager ensured everyone involved in the move was fully prepared and aware of their responsibilities as well as understanding how the move strategy was to be delivered.

Due to the specific technical knowledge involved, Crown Workspace also deployed a team of IT specialists to provide IT equipment installation services, cabling management, as well as dismounting servers for E-waste collection.

On completion, all equipment and furniture were reassembled to their agreed specification and location. All the IT equipment is powered up and functionality checked before handing it over to the client for final assessment. Crown Workspace Singapore delivered the project within the expected timescales, and the client was very pleased with the high service quality and professionalism demonstrated by the team.