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Case Study

Sustainable workspace solution for office revamp preparation

Our client is a British media company that focuses on current affairs, international business, politics, technology and culture. With over 1,600 employees spanning 23 countries and 23 offices, our client helps readers grasp the great drivers of change, from technology to geopolitics, finance and economics.

With a growing global audience, our client expanded their presence to Singapore in 2008 as one of the efforts to provide their readers with more insightful perspectives and analysis on the economic, political and business information concerning current developments throughout Asia Pacific.


Sustainability as a key focus in office revamp

To navigate this decade of transformation, our client has decided to revamp their office to provide a more agile and collaborative working space for their employees. This underscores our client’s commitment and dedication in the pursuit of progress for individuals, organizations and the world.

To get the office ready for the construction works, our client was required to pack and store sensitive documents, valuable IT equipment and existing office furniture in various rooms to clear the office space. The client has also requested to complete the packing and storage management within 2 days so that the renovation works can start on time.

Moreover, environmental sustainability is at the heart of our client’s growth and operations, which is why our client requested to have a more environmental-friendly approach to this project to align with the company values.

Working within such tight timeline and limited storage space available, it is utmost importance to have a solid & comprehensive packing and storage plan, ensuring the project could be completed within the required timeframe. Client definitely needed an experienced and trusted partner to support them.


The services that we provided:

  1. Site assessment
  2. Crate rental service
  3. Specialised packing of office assets
  4. Decommission services for IT equipment & office furniture
  5. Internal transfer of office assets
  6. Storage management
  7. Site housekeeping


Going above and beyond to meet requirements

Crown Workspace Singapore was selected by the Client after a competitive selection process and appointed to plan and manage the packing & storage of company assets. Due to the tight timeline given, the team at Crown Workspace Singapore went straight to work upon being chosen as the preferred service provider.

A dedicated project manager from Crown Workspace Singapore was appointed to oversee this project. As the first step, the project manager undertook a pre-work audit at our client’s site due to specific requirements.

It was also important to our client that the project was done as sustainably and environmental-friendly as possible. So Crown Workspace Singapore went above and beyond by providing our client hard plastic crate rental service with serialized plastic tags to pack and store valuable IT equipment and sensitive materials in order to reduce waste.

Even with space constraints, our team managed to separate the assets into smaller lots and carefully place them into plastic crates. Once in the crates, our team systematically labelled each of them and transferred to various rooms in an orderly manner for secured storage.

Crown Workspace Singapore delivered the project within the expected timescales, and the client was very pleased with the high service quality and professionalism demonstrated by the team. Due to the great experience working with Crown Workspace Singapore, client requested us to take over the unpacking and reinstallation work upon completion of the office renovation.