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Case Study

Trader’s workstation installation for a World Leading Market Maker

Our client is one of the finance industry’s biggest market makers that offers a broad array of fixed income and equity products. With over 1,200 employees across 50 countries, our client provides the most efficient execution and the highest caliber of services to their retail and institutional clients, while making markets more fair and accessible for all.

Our client expanded their presence to Singapore in 2020 as part of its effort to provide a superior trading experience for its clients.


New IT equipment installation to remain competitive

As one of the largest designated market maker, our client always strives to leverage the industry’s most sophisticated technology to execute trades at scale to remain competitive in the disruptive future and provide the highest caliber of services for their clients. Hence, as the technology on the trading floor shifts towards single CPUs or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), our client planned to install 100 new workstations with mounted desktops in a lightweight design for their traders, in order to provide them with a more efficient trading experience.

Due to the always-available needs of the trading business, downtime would have a massive negative impact on the business operation. As a result, it is essential that the access to the premises is uninterrupted, hence the full process from site-marking, delivery of parts onsite for installation, unpacking, sorting, installation, alignment, adjustment and trouble shooting could only be carried out after business operating hours.


The services that we provided:

  1. Site assessment
  2. Delivery of IT parts
  3. Installation & Reconfiguration Services
  4. Post-installation site housekeeping


Project corried out after business hours to avoid downtime

A Client Services Manager and an IT specialist from Crown Workspace Singapore made an initial site assessment and also to understand the scope and requirements for the project. It was later followed up with a detailed proposal and quote to the client.

A dedicated project manager from Crown Workspace Singapore was appointed to oversee this project. As the first step, the project manager undertook a pre-work audit at our client’s site due to specific technical requirements.

Along with the IT Team of Crown Workspace, the project manager also delivered a carefully planned delivery, workstation and cabling installation plan to meet to the client’s budget, the agreed time frame and the location’s logistical requirements, providing flexibility to fit around the reconfiguration works for the trading floor.

Besides installation of the 100 adjustable mounted desktops, Crown Workspace also managed and planned a structured cabling map. This is to ensure all cables are protected within a high-capacity cable chain that is fed from enclosed hubs and the junctions of adjacent desks. The new traders’ desks were installed by utilizing enhanced engineering and heavy-duty lifting columns to manage the extra weights and forces created by such a technology-intensive workstation. All power & data cables and other associated cabling is enclosed within housing that rises and falls with the adjustable height desktop.

The entire installation project was done smoothly after business operating hours ensuring outages are minimal and staff productivity was unaffected. On completion, all equipment was checked and a proper housekeeping was done before handing over to the client for final assessment.

Crown Workspace Singapore delivered the project within the expected timescales, and the client was very pleased with the high service quality and professionalism demonstrated by the team.