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Case Study

University local relocation for a better study and work environment

Our client is one of the top public universities in Singapore, recognised internationally for its robust, interdisciplinary curriculum. With over 350 employees and over 12,000 students, our client’s mission is to generate leading-edge research with global impact and to produce broad-based, creative, and entrepreneurial leaders for the knowledge-based economy.


Making a better place to study and work

Our client always aims to deliver excellence in making the university a better place to study and work by creating an interactive, participative and technologically enabled learning experience for their students as well as a rewarding and challenging environment for their staff.

Facing the growing number of staff and students, our client has constructed a new campus building to house 7 of their departments in order to provide the employee and students a transformative working and learning environment.

On top of that, our clients also required relocation support for the School of Computing and Information System (SCIS) to relocate into the building that previously housed the School of Social Sciences (SOSS).


The services that we provided:

  1. Site visit
  2. Move management
  3. Specialist IT equipment relocation
  4. IT equipment packing, transporting and unpacking
  5. Decommission and reinstallation services for IT equipment
  6. Industrial packing and transporting of company assets and office furniture


Project management and planning was the key to success

While working at the University with the reorganisation and relocation of over 300 staff from their buildings, Crown Workspace was contracted to plan and manage the relocation project of the 2 buildings.

We believe in working closely with our clients, so they have their needs met and if changes to the plan need to be made, they can be done quickly and with little disruption. So once the site survey was conducted, Crown Workspace Singapore provided a dedicated project manager who planned and implemented a comprehensive move strategy to make sure the scope and requirements of our client are met while providing constant support throughout the move process.

All the staffs were provided with boxes to pack their personal belongings, files and other items that are at their respective workstations. The move manager, later on, conducted a move management brief to the affected staff on how to pack and what to expect during and after the relocation.

The relocation was divided into 2 phases. The first phase was the relocation of the 7 departments into the newly constructed building while the second phase involved the relocation of the other 3 departments of the SCIS into the SOSS building.

The whole relocation process involves a lot of bulky furniture and valuable IT equipment to which our team handled with extreme care to ensure they arrived safely at the new building with no damages. All items and boxes were also identified and labelled to ensure the items were unpacked and placed in the right place.

Crown Workspace Singapore delivered the project within the expected timescales, and the client was very pleased with the high service quality and professionalism demonstrated by the team.