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Office Relocation

Crown Workspace is the commercial moving service that meets your needs

Our specialists ensure that all of your office items arrive at your destination in great condition. We manage your entire business moving projects from start through completion. We work with our clients to understand their priorities, though years of moving experience have taught us that IT equipment is at the top of the list.

Fundamentally, your business needs, the people your business affects and core eventualities are all considered thoroughly in order to ensure a seamless relocation.

Office IT Relocation Services

Our experienced, qualified and informed office moving specialists will complete the job efficiently, securely and sustainably leaving you to focus on your core business, in the knowledge that your IT is in the safest of hands. We will work closely with your IT & facilities team to ensure the transition is flawless from the pre-move audit through to the handover.

Depending on your needs we can unplug, pack, relocate, set-up and test your company’s PCs and data devices.

With no compromise in value and professionalism, we provide you with the very best expertise, management, resources and service to ensure that your commercial relocation delivers on all expectations.

So, whether your office move is taking you a few miles or a few thousand miles away, we can help. Our full-scale office moving service is designed to meet all your office move requirements, such as minimizing costs and risks, reducing downtime and ensuring essential services continue to function throughout the process.

What’s the difference between residential and office relocation services?

While the concept is basically the same, performing commercial and residential moves are very different from each other. That’s why you need expert commercial movers for the task. If you happen to have both commercial and residential properties, knowing the difference can help you organize a move with minimal stress. Our residential moving services have been providing domestic and international moves for over 50 years and if we’ve learned anything it’s that you want your items meticulously handled and cared for.

Residential House Moving

Moving out of a home or apartment is relatively straightforward; you pack your belongings and furniture, hire moving professionals to make sure everything arrives at your new destination – domestically or internationally, and then unpack all of your household goods. Residential moving can be done with just a few people, and unpacking can be done at your own pace. Assuming that you’ve already secured your new home, the only concern is making sure all your property has arrived undamaged and that everybody has a chance to pick their rooms.

One of the challenges of residential moving is getting valuable and fragile pieces like pianos, antique furniture and glass pieces into the new place undamaged. Hiring movers like Crown Relocations with years of experience with such items is critical. Having the peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to deal with broken items, even if they’re insured, eliminates stress and lets you focus on the other parts of your relocation.

Commercial Office Moving

Whether you’re operating a small shop or a large-scale organization, relocating a business is a more complicated process and requires experienced office movers to ensure a smooth transition. Moving into a new commercial property needs to be fast and precise to minimize loss of productivity. Ideally, the office furniture, lighting and IT equipment should be installed by the time you move in.

There’s also the concern with moving large pieces of machinery, appliances, computers and other sensitive items. Some of these need to be in certain conditions at all times and, therefore, have to be moved carefully. On top of most residential relocations, commercial moves include the transporting of highly sensitive documents, which requires the expertise of commercial moving companies, such as employees’ tax records and internal accounts. Most businesses will also have a computer system with valuable data. Data protection legislation in the United States requires business owners to keep these documents and programs safe and secure at all times, including when moving to new premises.

Here’s our 6 tips to successful office moves if you need some quick guide.

As office moving specialists we take these factors into account when we move such equipment and important data and coordinate with property managers to make sure your move is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Your Type of Commercial Movers Company

It is not just desks, chairs, and file cabinets anymore. Today, it is servers, specialized lab equipment, and manufacturing equipment—many times in secure environments, which are part of the entire office, that need to be up and running on time. We understand your commercial relocation services needs, and our specializations have evolved with yours.

Crown Workspace USA as an expert commercial mover, our specialty is in assisting businesses of all sizes with commercial moving.

At our commercial relocation services, we have the appropriate skills and capability to provide customized moving solutions to meet your business needs. Along with our office moving experience and resources, you can count on us to plan and implement your next commercial moving plan efficiently.

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Office moving company that you can rely on

Our professional movers are our greatest assets. An exceptional office mover will project manage your entire move for you by helping you lay out your new floor plan, arranging pre-moving preparation with the client and property managers, and helping you install or replace your furniture. We have one of the most experienced business relocation staff that can help you with everything from scheduling the elevator and parking to helping install office furniture. Since these jobs tend to be much more complicated than a residential move, our experienced crew can prevent major losses in equipment or productivity.

Whether you are moving an office of 12 or 12,000 across the country or across town, your office move is important to us and our office movers will make sure it is planned, managed, and executed efficiently. Your move incorporates a lot of moving parts, that’s why we employ a detailed office moving process that troubleshoots every issue and avoids the pitfalls that can cause problems, delays, loss and breakage.

A hand-picked moving crew for your office relocation service

We appreciate the unique nature of every building, particularly office buildings, its occupants, and the unique moving needs of the project. Therefore, we take a direct, hands-on approach by personally selecting a unique team for each office relocation – to guarantee continuity and flexibility of service and ensure that the project is completed to schedule.

Find out how we can help you commercially relocate your office or move your business and help your company reach greater heights by speaking with one of our experts.