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Recycling & Disposal

Reducing office relocation waste

A typical office relocation and moving will yields thousands of pounds of unwanted materials, from appliances, desks, chairs and modular systems to shelving, cabinetry, lamps and fixtures. It is our goal to minimize waste while safely disposing of anything that will not be following your office on the move. Many items present special challenges for disposal, like refrigerators, microwaves, batteries and AV equipment. We know who will accept these materials and the restrictions and regulations for each state.

For more information on how we are fully dedicated to achieving a better world, please visit our CSR Policy where you can find more information about our Sustainability efforts.

Safe and secure IT disposal

As part of our recycling and disposal service, we help businesses meet their legal and environmental commitments when disposing of redundant items, particularly IT hardware. Through our IT services your equipment is securely destroyed to ensure your critical data does not fall into the wrong hands. And, component parts and other materials are then recycled.

Our recycle & disposal services include:

  • Disposal of office furniture
  • Electronic equipment and computer recycling
  • Liquidation assistance
  • Certified e-scrapping services
  • Secured document shredding services
  • Full office clean-out
  • Decommission waste disposal

Find out more about how we can ensure a healthy and environmentally sustainable workplace move by speaking with one of our experts.