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Degaussing & Destruction

E-waste and IT assets are high-risk areas for data loss. Do you have processes in place to securely destroy these items? Do you have hard drives, USB drives, or backup tapes with information stored on them that need disposal?

A sustainable end-of-life solution for your IT assets & equipment to prevent data breaches and unauthorized access to your data, our e-waste secure disposal service ensures sensitive data is completely destroyed, not just deleted. Protect your confidential and sensitive data by shredding the items you no longer need with a simple and compliant service that ensures destruction of the physical media as well as the data.

Degaussing & destruction

Degaussing is a method specifically designed for erasing data stored on magnetic media, such as hard drives, reels, cartridge tapes, diskettes, floppy disks, and magnetic strips on credit cards.

It is one of the most widely used and well-known methods of secure data destruction due to its efficacy, speed, and its ability to destroy all types of hard drives as well as other types of storage media consistently. This renders the data unrecoverable and permanently destroyed.

Degaussing & destruction service by Crown Workspace Vietnam is a comprehensive solution for ensuring the complete and secure disposal of sensitive data stored on magnetic media.

1. Degaussing

Degaussing is a technique used to demagnetize the magnetic storage media, to destroy the stored information permanently and completely. Data will be erased when exposed to the powerful magnetic fields of a degausser.

Our advanced degaussing equipment generates a powerful magnetic field that effectively wipes out all data stored on the media, rendering it irretrievable. It is important to know that hard drives that don’t work still contain their information and might put your company at risk if they are not degaussed before disposal. The degaussing process ensures that the information cannot be recovered or accessed by unauthorized parties, thus safeguarding your sensitive data from potential breaches or misuse.

Key benefits:

  • 1. Cost-effective – Degaussing offers a cost-effective solution for securely disposing of magnetic storage media. Degaussing allows organizations to reuse or recycle the media after data erasure, reducing the need for new storage devices and minimizing environmental impact.
  • 2. Efficiency and convenience – Degaussing is a quick and efficient method of data sanitization, allowing organizations to securely erase large volumes of data in a relatively short amount of time.
  • 3. Secure data erasure solution from damaged media – Degaussing serves as a reliable solution for securely erasing data from damaged media that cannot be effectively sanitized through traditional methods like overwriting. Degaussing erases all data stored on the storage media by utilizing the powerful magnetic field, regardless of its condition.

A photo documentation of the degaussing service will be provided, and you can choose to have the service done either onsite or offsite. If you opt for the offsite option, we can arrange a video call so that you can witness the process virtually.

How to get started

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