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Office Moving

Our team here at Crown Workspace are highly trained and well organized, not only bringing efficiency to every office relocation, but ensuring minimal downtime too. We work with our clients to understand their priorities.

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Handling and transporting your workplace is something of an art form to us. As a leading commercial relocation provider, our experience in moving large scale public, private and specialty organizations is vast. Our team here at Crown Workspace are highly trained and well organized, not only bringing efficiency to every office relocation, but ensuring minimal downtime too. We work with our clients to understand their priorities. Fundamentally, your business needs, the people your business affects and core eventualities are all considered thoroughly in order to ensure a seamless relocation.

Experience you can rely on

With no compromise in value and professionalism, we provide you with the very best expertise, management, resources and service to ensure that your relocation delivers on all expectations.

So, whether your move is taking you a few miles or a few thousand miles away, we can help.

Our secure delivered services are designed to meet all your relocation requirements, such as minimizing costs and risks, reducing downtime and ensuring essential services continue to function throughout your move

Business as usual

We truly understand the complexities of relocating whilst maintaining live and sensitive operations.

We can plan and deliver specialist move services as part of larger commercial relocations or as standalone specialist relocations.

A hand-picked team

We appreciate the unique nature of every building, its occupants and the requirements of the project.

Therefore, we take a direct, hands-on approach by personally selecting a unique team for each office relocation – to guarantee continuity and flexibility of service and ensure that the project is completed to schedule.

Find out how we can help you commercially relocate your business and help your company reach greater heights by speaking with one of our experts.

Our Business Relocations services in Vietnam can support you with:

Workplace change consultancy

We work closely with you to understand your requirements, breaking down how people are working and what they require to support the way they work. Every business is different, and we can tailor the approach depending on the project. We assist with communication planning, supporting organization on how to plan and how to effectively communicate with stakeholders.

Project Move management

We will plan and manage your physical office relocation to your project scope and requirements, ensuring this is delivered on-time and on-budget, minimizing the risks and costs of moving. We will develop and maintain a detailed plan of activities – including logistics communications and deliveries – to ensure everyone knows what is expected. We will identify key stakeholders and manage communications with these parties throughout your move management program.


We protect your buildings, staff and assets at all times and keep a transparent program of works. Our implementation services include packing and unpacking of files, IT decommissioning and recommissioning, data center relocations and furniture installation.

IT relocation services

We can decommission, relocate and recommission all IT and telecoms equipment, including the complex and business-critical relocation of data centers and server rooms, with IT reuse and recycling services to support this. Our professional relocation specialist can help you move and pack any IT equipment and electronic assets such as monitors, computers, servers, printers, workstations and photocopier machines.

Post relocation support

Our after-move care provides ongoing support after your office relocation and can address any problems that don’t arise immediately. These services include helpdesk, unpacking, porterage, minor changes, furniture and inventory management.

Commercial storage solutions in Vietnam

Our secure storage facilities in Vietnam offer you peace of mind flexi-term storage services, and easy access to your stored items whenever you need them. The facilities are available whether you have one item or one hundred and whether you need storage for a day or a year. Our facilities offer the best possible security features, including:

  • CCTV
  • fire and intruder alarms
  • air-conditioned / climate-controlled storage
  • high-security loading bays
  • advanced security protocols
  • fire suppression systems
  • perimeter fencing
  • access restrictions

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