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Corporate Social Responsibility

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An international business with over 55 years heritage

  • Our brand values underpin everything we do.
  • Our responsibility to our clients, our colleagues and our local communities is shared by every employee, through our code of conduct.
  • We can help you meet the necessary requirements to help support your sustainability needs.
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We want to grow, but only if everyone wins

We know exactly how much business impacts the environment.

With ISO 14001 we measure how efficiently we’re using natural resources. By investing in energy saving buildings and vehicles, and by educating our supply chain, we’re working hard to reduce our impact on the environment.

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How can you be a global company and not embrace the world?

As an equal opportunities employer we promote international and local market hiring to achieve a rich diversity across our organization. We encourage all new staff to represent and promote our core values both internally and to the outside world.

A healthy work-life balance is equally important. We actively promote measures to make sure employees and their families maintain equilibrium in their lives.


Building our communities and protecting the environment

As a global company, operating in a multitude of markets, it’s our duty to give back whenever we can. Investing in the communities where we operate is in our genetics. Our employees are empowered to work with local charities, each allocated two paid days per year to participate in philanthropic initiatives.

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