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Case Study

Australian Embassy, Jakarta – world’s largest Australian diplomatic mission

An expression of Australia’s cultural diversity

Denton Corker Marshall has built the new Australian Embassy in Jakarta, adding an assortment of metals mined in Australia and acoustic panels decorated with national landmarks. Each volume is clad in a metal mined in Australia to reflect the country’s wealth of natural resources.

The new Australian Embassy compound offers a multiplicity of expressions, drawing together into a unified and cohesive whole to represent the cultural diversity of Australia.

A vast complex containing 500 staff

The embassy is located close to the centre of the Indonesian capital. It comprises a chancery building, a residence for the Head of Mission, 32 staff accommodation units, and medical and recreational facilities. The largest and most important building is the chancery, which contains the offices of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, designed for 500 staff from 13 other government departments and agencies.

The Australian Embassy represents the Australian Government in Indonesia. It is the largest of Australia’s overseas diplomatic missions.

Host to a number of diplomatic functions

Embassy staff deal with a range of matters, including trade, diplomatic relations, two-way investment, education, defence and security cooperation and development partnerships.

The embassy hosts a number of Australian Government departments, including the Departments of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Defence, Attorney-General, Immigration and Border Protection, Education, Agriculture and Water Resources, the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade), the Australian Federal Police and the National Library of Australia. All work together to promote Australia’s interests in Indonesia.

The Embassy aims to grow and diversify trade and investment; to enhance the understanding of Indonesia in Australia; to work with Indonesia on its development priorities and as a partner in regional and global multilateral forums such as ASEAN, the EAS, IORA, the G20 and APEC.

50,000 square meters of occupiable footprint

The NAEJ (New Australian Embassy Compound Jakarta) consists of a five-floor commercial office building (“Chancery”), thirty-two (32) residential apartments, an Executive Residence, and associated recreational and supporting facilities. The perimeter of the site spans a kilometre, the land area totals 40,000 square meters, and all the buildings within the NAEJ constitute an occupiable footprint of 50,000 square metres.

Relocation services

Crown was awarded the Contract for Relocation Contractor Services as required to occupy the NAEJ. Broadly, the scope of the Contract included the relocation of approximately 450 staff over four consecutive weekends in order to occupy the Chancery building. The relocation of thirty-three (33) families into the residential apartments and the Executive Residence. The provision of additional services and supporting resources as required by the embassy. The provision of suitably skilled management personnel to plan and manage the delivery of all services.

Full project took nine months to completion

The Australian Mission in Jakarta successfully occupied the NAEJ Chancery building over the month of February 2016, occurring over consecutive weekends as originally planned. The residential relocations commenced from 1 March 2016 at a scheduled rate of two (2) residential relocations per week, concluding by 30 June 2016. Crown also provided various additional services commencing late in January 2016 and concluding on 5 November 2016. These supplementary services represented an additional workload of approximately 49%.

“Crown performed its services in full compliance with the Contract, with a high degree of accuracy, quality and to the satisfaction of the embassy administration.

The Australian Embassy would not hesitate in considering Crown for future relocation projects, as all relocations associated with occupying the NAEJ were a resounding success.”

Owen Klarenbeek, Second Secretary of Australian Embassy, Jakarta