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How improved workspace organisation can lead to better workforce productivity

Documents, paperwork and files! These are all an integral and inevitable part of every organisation. Storage of all such paperwork demands dedicated space or else it may up as clutter. This clutter affects productivity and occupies space in your office that costs you money every day. If you find yourself stressed about reams of paper and boxes of files lying around in your office, it’s time to think about organising your workspace.

The pandemic has changed the dynamics of workplace and more employees prefer to work remotely. But a research conducted by PWC stated otherwise – over 43% of executives want to be fully back in the office as soon as feasible. This means organisations will need to put in proper preventative measures for employee safety. Space and storage planning will become utmost priority. While we cannot disregard that commercial leasing, rates are expensive and increase exponentially. A clean start towards workspace transformation can provide extra space and a conducive environment to garner productivity.

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The first step towards workspace organisation is understanding how much paperwork and equipment you are dealing with. Your admin and facilities team will be your biggest saviors in figuring this out. They will know exactly how many files are stored, which are necessary to be stored and which can be discarded. The pandemic has compelled many to work remotely. This has led to offices re-evaluating if their teams can work remotely, even after the pandemic, to reduce the spending on commercial leasing, infrastructure etc. If your organisation is moving towards the same direction, you can evaluate and discard assets like office furniture and equipment that are no longer used.

If your organisation requires your employees to work full time during the pandemic and you are worried about the safety of your employees, you may want to explore Genio. This productivity tracking system from Crown Workspace monitors employee efficiency, social distancing and provides accurate contact tracing information.

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Clean it up

The next step in workspace organisation is to execute the cleaning up process. You should start with segregating the files and documents first. Unwanted files should be discarded securely. The same should be done with office equipment, furniture and other assets. The ones not required should either be sold, donated or scrapped. There will always be files needed to be stored for documentation and audit purposes. Such papers should be scanned and saved digitally on a cloud storage or within the premises.

An information management company will help you store your paperwork physically and digitally in an organised manner. Your team can directly access documents from their digital workflow systems or can have documents delivered at your office in a few hours. Our experts at Crown Workspace India can advise you on everything from storage, digitisation to secured destruction of documents.

We can help

As organisations become more competitive, they are also becoming more aware of the need to create environments that inspire and encourage their workforce. Workspace organisation may seem like a challenging task, but you can take help from businesses who are experts in this domain. These businesses will consider all the aspects of your business and provide sustainable solutions. Whether designing, planning, fitting-out or simply moving a business, there is nobody better placed than Crown Workspace to ensure every aspiration is met.

To discover how we could change your workspace and to know more about our services, please share your requirements through an enquiry form or speak to one of our consultants at +91 8080 322 322.

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