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Business relocations are often planned six months in advance, and large commercial moves can require up to two years of planning. The more time you give to planning the move to a T, the better are the chances of a successful transition to a new environment.

Productivity flourishes in an environment devoid of distractions and a little professional help can go a long way in creating inspiring workspaces that invigorates and improves productivity. Read on for tips to create an inspiring and productive workspace at your home.

Changes to the workplace is happening as a result of the pandemic. We are here to support you traverse these difficult times with sustainable workplace change solutions.

Agile working is used to explain a dynamic and flexible work office space. It is also known as Activity Based Working.

The furniture you select for your workspace can influence the organisation’s appearance, culture and most importantly, the atmosphere.

Results indicate an increasing awareness of the importance of sustainability within the facilities management sector.

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