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The benefits of moving a workspace

Moving to a new office space is just as involved a process as moving to a new home. Office relocation is an expensive investment. From upgrading spaces and purchasing new furniture to paying for the actual move and preparing for the loss of productivity, businesses can expect to pay thousands of dollars for each step of the moving process.

But moving offices is essential for businesses that are growing or have changing needs. Office relocation helps many organisations achieve business goals, but people are integral part of an enterprise and any change or relocation should be a positive experience for employees. It begins with actively communicating the objective in a transparent and open manner with the larger workforce to make the transition fun.

An office move can have several positive benefits; by forcing the business to re-assess the way it operates – moving office can reinvigorate performance, change the way in which the company is perceived, and present some well-needed cost savings for the business. Whatever be the objective a clear and positive communication around the change will make the transition easier for everyone.

This article looks at some of the benefits of moving a workspace.

Staff Morale

There’s nothing like a change in environment to get your staff working more productively and feel positive about the company they work for. By communicating your plans about the new office to staff, it will help them feel a valued part of the relocation.

Collaboration & Communication

An office is an opportunity to evaluate how team members collaborate and communicate with one another. A thoughtful space planning done with keeping the objectives of better collaboration within teams as a focus improves productivity and efficiency at work.

Brand Perception

Your new office is a great showcase for your company’s brand. The type and style of building you choose; location and office  and furniture design are all key factors in positioning your brand to give the right messages. An office design done right conveys a statement about your organisation, your values are reflected in the brand elements as well as the interiors which help you retain and attract the right clients.

Operating Costs

There’s no better time than an office relocation to review all your suppliers, utility and telecommunication tariffs to ensure you are getting best value for money. Carry out a full review of your existing suppliers and invite quotes from alternative providers and you may pleasantly end up saving a huge amount for your organisation.


Businesses like to use the office move as an opportunity to upgrade to the latest technology to enable them to operate more efficiently in the new office. After all, it’s far easier switching to new telecom solutions before moving to a new office, than installing a new system after the move. Even to ensure existing IT systems work seamlessly in a new environment, IT installation and works are critical to business continuity.

We can help

Among the several challenges that emerge during an office relocation, hiring a professional relocation provider should mitigate most of the issues related to the actual move that stresses out facility and admin managers. Crown is unique among workplace relocation firms in that we have access to a globally respected in-house information management business. Relocation is often the time when organisations look to optimize the space which business records occupy. Our expertise to reduce disruption and streamline data management and advice on information architecture, storage, access and compliance (e.g. data privacy and protection laws) will improve business performance.

As a leading commercial relocation provider in India, we have a vast experience in moving large and small-scale public, private and specialist organisations – providing clients with stress-free workplace change projects.

To know more about our services and the ways in which we can deliver a successful workspace change project, please drop in an enquiry or speak to one of our consultants at +91 8080 322 322.

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