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Warehousing Solution

Our inventory management system provides a real-time view of your inventory levels, allowing you to stay on top of your stock levels and streamline your supply chain. You will have complete visibility of the items you have in storage, and we will take care of the rest.

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Flexible warehouse storage service in India

We offer a secure and flexible commercial warehouse storage solution to meet your business needs, whether you require large or small storage volumes. Our storage facility is designed to offer reliable and affordable storage options for your general, non-hazardous cargo. Whether you need to store excess inventory, seasonal products, or require a longer-term solution, we have got you covered.

With our flexible time-period options, whether short-term warehouse rental or long-term warehouse storage, you can utilize our warehousing space for any duration you need. Additionally, you can add or remove space as your storage requirements change.

Secure & state-of-the-art storage space rental in India

We provide business reporting on the movement and handling of items. Our team monitors all movements within the warehouse and provides regular reports, ensuring you know exactly what’s happening with your items.  You will have access to detailed information on your inventory, including stock levels, receiving and dispatch information, and order tracking.

Our facilities offer the best possible storage solutions, with a wide range of options to suit our clients’ needs including CCTV, fire and intruder alarms, air-conditioned storage, high-security loading bays, advanced security protocols, fire suppression systems, perimeter fencing and access restrictions.

All items are packed using appropriate materials to maintain their condition and are stored within containers in our secure facilities. For items of high value, enhanced storage options are available.

Our commercial storage services for rent can support you with:

  • Secure business storage
    Our premises are covered by CCTV, with on-site security and alarms directly linked to the police. We also have extensive fire protection and regular internal audits of our systems. Items for storage are packed using appropriate materials to maintain their condition.
  • Responsive service
    We offer a next day retrieval and delivery service.
  • Specialist storage
    We operate secure, environmentally controlled storage areas with controlled lighting, temperature and humidity, as well as dedicated vaults and specialist handlers to protect your valuable and historic items.

Simple storage retrieval with peace of mind

Be assured your items are in safe hands. We create a fully detailed inventory of all your items going into storage. This means items won’t just be securely stored in our facilities, but also indexed for easy retrieval and effective management.

Our spacious storage warehouses are also equipped with large entrances and accessible docks allowing for easy delivery and retrieval of items.

All our facilities are built to a high specification to guard against fire, pests, water and theft. Secure by design, our facilities offer climate-controlled areas and security.

Cost-effective warehouse storage rental service

Busy dynamic organizations often need additional, cost-effective storage to help provide a safe and secure temporary home for office items that are not currently required.

We recognize that storage can be for the temporary or long-term, but if not managed proactively, storage costs can escalate. We can provide a reporting service for clients to help identify items that are not being utilized and perhaps need to be disposed of.

Instead of renting an additional office space which will most likely get you locked into a long-term lease and incur an extra operational cost, storing your items at our warehouses will allow you to have more control over how long and how much it cost to store your items.

We are a trusted storage service company in India.

  • We provide tailored warehouse storage services that can cater to your business needs
  • 24/7 maximum security with climate-controlled and pest-proof storage
  • Barcoded items for quick and easy retrieval
  • Next day retrieval and delivery service
  • Purpose-built storage material for every type and size of item
  • Inventory management system for easy retrieval and effective management

Dedicated warehouse storage space in India for specialist and high-value items

We have multiple types of storage solutions suitable for everything from standard office and oversized items, to high-value and specialist items like art. This high-quality facility is customs bonded and contains digitally monitored temperature and humidity control to ensure your high-value items are safe at all times.

Our state-of-the-art warehouse storage solution is available whether you have one item or one hundred, and whether you need storage for a day or for a year. Our private room storage options can be tailored to your exact requirements, with fully customisable racking and lighting, integrated workspaces, and discrete access.

Find out how we can help you with storage solutions and help your company reach greater heights by speaking with one of our experts.

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