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Tips for a smoother office relocation

Relocation presents an opportunity for a fresh start and is an exciting and progressive time, but it’s certainly not simple to relocate an entire team of employees, high value equipments, IT assets and furniture. Planning can be the difference between a seamless, stress-free relocation with minimum downtime and a hectic relocation with loss of precious operational hours.

plan your workplace relocation

Plan early

Business relocations are often planned six months in advance, and large commercial moves can require up to two years of planning.

The more time you give to planning the move to a T, the better are the chances of a successful transition to a new environment. Assemble a planning team comprising key stakeholders and decision makers involved in the relocation. This ensures that all factors for a smooth operation are considered while transitioning to a new workspace. The core planning team should ideally involve members from the procurement, administration, HR and IT teams. Operations should also be represented in case the move is that of a manufacturing facility. Appoint a single point of contact from amongst the internal team who can facilitate and follow up on each step to ensure that things are progressing.

Communication is key

Draft a checklist of your move, including individuals involved, required action items (like setting up phone and internet installation), and deadlines. Set expectations for the move so employees know their responsibilities ahead of time and can plan accordingly. Create a master list of every employee’s keys and passes and refer to it when you need to collect outstanding access cards before moving day. Notify your security and housekeeping agencies of your move so they can terminate your service after your company has left the premises.

Notify customers, affiliates and suppliers regarding your move via email or letters so that they know where they can reach you going forward. Make a list of subscriptions, mailing listings, and websites where your current address needs to be updated so your business doesn’t fall by the wayside during the move.

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Seek professional help

Hiring an amateur may save costs for your organization in the short run but can prove costly in the intermediate term with damage to your goods, extended downtime and dissatisfaction among staff. It’s always advisable to hire a full-service moving company as they take care of the end to end needs while relocating a workspace.

From office search to space planning, from IT asset installation to furniture refurbishment, from workspace relocation to storage solutions, Crown Workspace understands the pressure to minimize downtime and maintain employee productivity through every aspect of an office move. Project managing every detail – we have a proven record of expertise and experience of over 55 years in moving people and businesses.

Crown is unique among workplace relocation firms in that we have access to a globally respected in-house information management business. Relocation is often the time when organisations look to optimize the space which business records occupy. Our expertise to reduce disruption and streamline data management and advice on information architecture, storage, access and compliance (e.g. data privacy and protection laws) will improve business performance.

As a leading commercial relocation provider in India, we have a vast experience in moving large and small-scale public, private and specialist organisations – providing clients with stress-free workplace change projects.

To know more about our services and the ways in which we can deliver a successful workspace change project, please drop in an enquiry or speak to one of our consultants at +91 8080 322 322.

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