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Tips for setting up a home office


Working from home has become the new working mode for employees in the past few months and organisations across the spectrum have now embraced this change with an open mind. This new mode of working for most companies is likely to continue with no certain timeline on the COVID-19 vaccine availability yet.

Several large companies have extended work from home (WFH) while others are opting to go with the hybrid working model as the pandemic threatens to upend businesses for next few months. While uncertainties prevail in the current environment, some companies have gone ahead and implemented a long-term change in their functioning by having a large section of employees work from home. While it may benefit organisations from the ever-escalating realty costs in business districts of major cities, creating inspiring and productive workspaces for their employees remains a priority.

Productivity flourishes in an environment devoid of distractions and a little professional help can go a long way in creating inspiring workspaces that invigorates and improves productivity.

Read on for tips to create an inspiring and productive workspace at your home.

Carve out a separate zone

Creating a separate space for your home office is the ideal approach as it helps you get in and out of the ‘work’ mode when you want to get started. This approach helps your brain to get switched on and focused when working and vice versa at the end of your workday. Secondly, having a designated area for your yourself triggers increased productivity when working from it repeatedly. Lastly, it helps you stay organized and reduce time spent in arranging your workspace.

Focus on identifying the right space in your home devoid of distractions.

Get yourself the right tools

Equipping your home office with the right set of tools will add to your efficiency. Selecting the right furniture to meet your working style is critical. Look for ergonomic chairs but at the same time avoid bulky chairs that might eat up space which is at a premium in most urban homes. Add to it a proper working desk, laptop stand, docking station, printer and other equipments and you are ready for your work from home regimen.

Often, choosing the right furniture would make a lot of difference in getting the most out of your daily routine and we can help you make the right decision. Our home office solutions help you find the right furniture for your needs and budget.

Make room for storage

A clean desk reflects an uncluttered mind and making provisions for storage in your work from home set-up is important. Even though we may be working largely via laptops, there’s always a need for space to store your cables, pen drives, wi-fi dongles, tablet, earphones, spike guard and power adapters etc. A messy home office can backfire on you and make it difficult to concentrate, so be sure to include some sort of storage—be it a file cabinet, chest of drawers, or other solution—that gives you a place to keep the stuff that doesn’t always need to be out on your desk. Don’t let clutter take over your valuable space.

Pay attention to lighting

Lighting plays an equally important role in getting the best out of your daily work schedule. Don’t undermine the importance of lighting and take due care to illuminate your desk properly. Add a table lamp to illuminate your main working space. If you are using overhead lighting, placement and position of the lighting source should not create reflection on your working screen as it can be a major irritant. Also use white cool lights as much as possible compared to the warm yellow lights as the former promotes clarity of mind and helps maintain concentration levels.

In addition to furniture, our home office solutions include electrical and civil works to set up home offices. IT installation and appurtenant services are also part of our WFH offerings.

Add some green

Recent studies have shown that having desk plants and flowers can improve attention rates and help individuals stay focused on their work. Having one on your desk or in your room is part of an effective home office. Just be sure that you maintain the plant in good health as a dying plant can be a distraction!

Count on us

Crown Workspace India is dedicated to consistently supporting client’s workplace needs as they change and grow. Adjustments to working practices are happening the world over and longer-term home working is a way to ensure employee safety and well-being. We help to set-up your employees’ home office by packing & moving office furniture (desks, chairs, file cabinets etc.), important documents, expensive IT equipment such as computers, monitors, printers, copiers and desktop phones etc.

To discover how we could change your workspace and to know more about our services, please share your requirements through an enquiry form or speak to one of our consultants at +91 8080 322 322.

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