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Case Study

School Campus Relocation for American Community School Abu Dhabi

American Community School Abu Dhabi Logo

Client: American Community School Abu Dhabi

Industry: Education

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Services Provided: Commercial Relocation

About the Client

American Community School Abu Dhabi (ACS) is a renowned non-profit educational institution established in 1972. Situated in Abu Dhabi, UAE, ACS provides a comprehensive American-accredited curriculum to a diverse student body, emphasizing academic excellence, arts, athletics, and community service.

The Client’s Challenge

After 50 years at their current campus, ACS faced the monumental task of relocating to a new facility. The move required meticulous planning, adaptability, and a commitment to safety and efficiency within a tight timeframe. ACS needed a partner who could seamlessly manage the relocation process while accommodating unforeseen challenges.

Crown Workspace’s Solution

Crown Workspace collaborated closely with ACS to develop a comprehensive relocation strategy. Our approach prioritized clear communication with ACS staff at every stage and remained flexible to address unexpected obstacles, such as access limitations. Leveraging our expertise in commercial relocation, we ensured a smooth transition to the new campus while upholding safety standards and minimizing disruption to ACS operations.


Despite the complexity of the project, Crown Workspace successfully completed the campus relocation within a 30-day timeframe, exceeding the initial estimate of 40-45 days. This was achieved through effective resource management and strategic planning. For the 4895 cubic meters of items moved, we opted to use approximately 16,000 recycled boxes instead of the 42,000 new boxes that would have been required, significantly reducing environmental impact and aligning with sustainability trends.

By partnering with Crown Workspace, ACS achieved a seamless transition to their new campus, positioning them for continued success in delivering excellence in education.

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“Everything from the initial communications, all the way through to the final close-out, the team was very flexible, they were very efficient, they were very professional. I would recommend Crown to any other organization looking to move.”

– Dr. Victor Guthrie, Assistant Superintendent, ACS Abu Dhabi