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IT Services

Secure IT solutions with minimum downtime

Crown Workspace UAE provide professional IT support services for those moving or changing their IT systems, servers or data centres or seeking additional support with IT projects such as software rollouts or secure, sustainable end-of-life solutions.

Our experienced team offer end-to-end solutions to fit your unique requirements with minimal downtime and a flexible 24/7 service, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

server relocation

Core IT Infrastructure Relocation

We understand the importance of precise planning when relocating IT systems and infrastructure. For this reason, we work closely with your team to identify configuration, plan migration, mitigate risks, manage dependencies, and create contingency options to ensure minimal disruption.

With over 15 years of experience, we can assist with all aspects of your relocation, including:

  • Removal and re-installation of all IT equipment
  • Hardware and cable trace audits
  • Infrastructure documentation services
  • Dedicated GPS-tracked transport to ensure chain of custody and data security
  • Off-site secure storage options with temperature control
  • International shipment of IT Comms equipment
  • And much more

Feel confident that your IT systems and infrastructure are secure throughout your move or change. Our specialist IT infrastructure moving teams are fully trained, giving you total confidence in the security of our operations.

Server & Data Centre Relocation

We have extensive experience in relocating data centres and understand the specialised requirement of these sensitive projects.

Our specialist IT and server packing kit has been developed to ensure the safe handling and transportation of your equipment. Our vehicles are fitted with hydraulic tail lifts to prevent any damage during the relocation of your IT equipment and GPS tracking – giving you peace of mind that your critical equipment is fully secure.

Before your move, our project managers will audit your existing set-up to create detailed documentation of your infrastructure and work with you to devise the most suitable schedule for your relocation, ensuring you are back up and running as soon as possible.

Sustainability, Recycling & Disposal

We have sustainable and secure solutions for all end-of-life IT and AV equipment. We can audit existing assets to provide a comprehensive proposal for reuse or recycling. Secure data wiping can be carried out on-site at our secure facility in Dubai.

Our service providers are certified by Dubai Municipality and Ministry of Environment, and we can provide a Green Certificate and carbon savings report.

Installs, Moves, Adds and Changes (IMACs)

There is growing pressure to maximise workspace utilisation and move towards more agile and multifunctional workplaces. Rolling out new hardware or software can place a significant burden on your IT department.

We can provide the technical expertise needed to support churn projects, including; IT disconnection and reconnection, new application software, operating systems, desktops, laptops or other hardware, testing of systems and the set-up required to meet staff needs or support flexible working arrangements.

Speak to one of our experts now for advice on relocating your office and helping your company reach greater heights.

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