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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our place in the world

Crown Worldwide Group’s approach to sustainability builds on almost six decades of corporate social responsibility (CSR) work, which has seen it stand side-by-side with its people, clients and the communities in which it operates.

But it is evolving that legacy seeking to take a simple, progressive approach, focused in particular on how the company can reduce its environmental impact – while continuing to deliver on social and governance issues.

“Over the last 60 years of business, we have undertaken a lot of wonderful work to support, give back, and contribute prosperity to the communities in which we operate. This work is the embodiment of a philosophy that has been central to the way we go about our business.


“But we recognize the need to drive far greater impact through our business activities. That is why sustainability has become a strategic priority for us. We understand that it’s imperative we take fast action to do more and play a bigger role in protecting and preserving the climate and environment, building on the areas of sustainability in which we have always been so strong.”


-Jennifer Harvey, Group CEO, Crown Worldwide

Understanding our place in the world means acknowledging that – as an organization – we are reliant on key resources, from people to energy. Through our strategic approach, we create value to sustain and enhance those resources, while making the world simpler to navigate.

Our approach is split into three areas:




“I was delighted to join Crown in 2023, with an exciting mandate to propel the company’s sustainability strategy to the next level. I have been inspired by the energy and willingness of the team to ensure Crown has a more positive impact on the environment, and to build on the incredible legacy it has of giving back to communities and championing diversity, equity and inclusion.

There is much to do, but by building out our capability to collect and analyze data, and by upskilling staff, we have laid the groundwork in 2023 to begin taking global, meaningful action to reduce our carbon footprint – learning from our company pioneers in the UK, New Zealand and Malaysia.”

-Joy Lam, ESG Director, Crown Worldwide

Key areas of progress in 2023:

Carbon accounting

We invested in and rolled out Normative’s carbon accounting platform which will collect and provide baseline data to inform the development of our net-zero strategy.

Education & upskilling

We established a comprehensive sustainability training program to upskill employees: Staff have completed 2723 courses, amounting to 2504 hours of sustainability training. In addition, 131 staff have now been certified carbon literate!

Management & personnel

We have appointed a group ESG Director, formed a Global Sustainability Steering Committee, set up a global network of 40 carbon champions and developed five sustainability priorities.


In 2022, sustainability became a key Group priority, as we sought to build on a six-decade long CSR legacy. As such, it was a year of laying the groundwork and investing in the essentials as we began our journey to net-zero.

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Fast Facts

Across our EMEA footprint, we are taking steps to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations, while building on a legacy that comprises six-decades of giving back and building a healthy, safe, engaged and diverse workforce.

Download our fast facts sheet which showcases the progress we’re making.

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We know that to operate an deliver services to our clients and customers, we require the use of natural resources. What resources we use, and how we use them, can impact the environment. It is our place to take careful consideration of the use of those resources.

Our work in this area focuses on:

  • Energy use, emissions and air quality
  • Circular economy and waste management
  • Packaging material, storage boxes & crates
  • Sustainable services


As an employer of 3000 people in over 45 different countries – 360 of which are employed with Crown World Mobility – we know it is our place to champion diversity, protect our people and ensure our communities are all the better for us operating within them. So from ensuring the safety of our people, to strictly adhering to labor and human rights best practice, to bringing prosperity and enhancement to the local communities in which we operate, we are committed to over-delivering against our social responsibilities.

Our work in this area focuses on:

  • Workplace health & saftey
  • Labor & human rights practices
  • Employment practices
  • Community engagement


As a specialist logistics business that has tens of thousands of corporate clients and has helped to relocate over three million families, we know that it is our place to uphold the highest standards in business. Whether it’s a question of ethics, compliance, driving best practice in the supply chain, or doing everything within our power to protect against cyber threats, we are committed to driving good governance – while ensuring simplicity for our clients and partners.

To ensure this, we focus our effort in four key areas:

  • Ethical business standards
  • Sustainable supply chains
  • Board governance & oversight
  • Cyber security practices and data protection

One world, one sustainability journey

We know that sustainability is now a critical priority for our clients. So in addition to decarbonizing our own operations, and fulfilling our own corporate social responsibilities, we are working innovatively to ensure global mobility teams around the world are playing their part in meeting their organization’s sustainability targets.

Our Sustainability Innovation SteerCo is working on several initiatives aimed at managing and reducing the impact that corporate relocation has on the environment. Our aim is to equip HR and mobility teams with the data and insight they need to make informed decisions about relocating employees sustainably.

We are also looking at ways to assist assignees, helping them to ship only what they need, and to sustainably dispose of any items they don’t.