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As overwhelming as an office redesign or move can be, having the right information will often ease any worries and prove crucial to your project’s success.

We’ve collated the most useful facts, resources and opinions to guide you, surprise you and inform you.


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Unlock the potential of your workspace with Crown Workspace UAE. Discover innovative solutions to optimize office space, boost productivity, and save costs. Let us tailor a dynamic environment that empowers your team and drives success.

The office as a physical (and digital) space is continuing to transform with changes in working practices, hybrid working, and an emphasis on sustainability. What are five ways to stay ahead of the curve, retaining employees and attracting new talent in the process?

Growing the business might mean adding people, but space planning can help you think critically about the space people need to work productively. Read our latest blog today!

Discover the importance of office fit outs for staff productivity and business efficiency. Create a workspace that fosters creativity and flexibility.

Transform your workplace with our 4 cost-effective strategies. Unlock efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance productivity today.

Budgeting is a crucial aspect of office fit out projects. Learn and implement these tips and strategies from us.

Transform your small office space with these 8 creative fit out ideas to maximize productivity and comfort. Discover practical tips and inspiration for optimizing your workspace efficiently.

Discover the variations between Cat A, Cat B, and Cat C office fit-outs. From basic to fully customized spaces, learn how each category impacts design, cost, and functionality in office environments.

Discover sustainable office fit-out practices to create an eco-friendly workspace. Learn to reduce environmental impact.

In this blog we discuss how employers can make the office space more attractive and reignite the fire that in-person collaboration can bring.

Sustainability isn’t just a trendy term; it’s a crucial part of modern business, and companies are recognizing its importance in their operations.

One key area where you can make a positive impact is in your physical workspace. In this blog, we’ll explore three practical tips from Shawn Wood, an expert in workspace change, to help you create a more sustainable office and reduce your carbon footprint.

Did you know that a whopping 91% of office relocations end up going over budget?

It’s a staggering statistic that underscores the importance of accurate budgeting for your next office move. Here’s some essential tips to help you avoid costly surprises and accurately budget for your next office move.