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Crown Relocations truck alongside a Neutral Fuels truck in Dubai, UAE

Crown Worldwide Group to Power UAE Fleet With Biofuel as Part of Drive to Cut Emissions

Locally sourced waste cooking oil – turned into biodiesel – will be used in vehicles to deliver a carbon saving equivalent to planting 150 trees in 2024.

Crown Worldwide Group, a privately owned, global logistics company, has announced that it is switching to locally sourced biofuels to power its vehicle fleet in the United Arab Emirates, in a bid to begin driving down carbon emissions.


Crown Relocations, Fine Art and Workspace Trucks alongside a Neutral Fuels truck in Dubai, UAE
Partnering with Neutral Fuels, a Dubai-based company that collects and recycles locally sourced waste cooking oil, will see Crown’s fleet in the UAE powered by a blend of Neutral Fuels’ biodiesel to reduce its Scope One emissions by 4.4 per cent, generating a carbon saving of 9,073 kg’s C02e in 2024. This is the equivalent to the carbon sequestered from 150 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.


This initiative is another step on the journey to delivering a reduction in the carbon footprint of our Crown Relocations, Crown Fine Art, and Crown Workspace brands in the Middle East, enabling customers and clients to reduce their Scope Three emissions, supporting their own decarbonization efforts.


Neutral Fuels is the leading producer and provider of biodiesel in the United Arab Emirates. Founded in 2011, today it produces over 35 million litres of biofuel a year and has saved in excess of 64 million kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions.


Neutral Fuels’ biodiesel is a cleaner, greener, drop-in replacement for the harmful fossil fuel used in diesel engines.
Crown Relocations truck alongside a Neutral Fuels truck in Dubai, UAE

Jason Evans, General Manager – Middle East, Crown Worldwide Group said;

“Across the globe, Crown Worldwide Group is committed to reducing its environmental impact. Like many other businesses in our sectors, we are on a journey to net-zero, and actively working to decarbonize our operations, while maintaining a high-quality service.”


“Knowing that we can’t achieve this alone, partnering with innovative organizations like Neutral Fuels is key to our approach. I’m excited to be teaming up with them to begin reducing the CO2 emissions of our vehicle fleets in the UAE, and in turn, helping our clients to reduce their Scope Three emissions.”


“And this is just the start. We have a series of initiatives to reduce both our Scope One and Scope Two emissions as we continue to innovate and invest in our pursuit of net-zero.”
Neutral Fuels Employee, fuelling a Crown Truck, Dubai, UAE

Charles Gardner, Chief Operating Officer, Neutral Fuels commented;

“We are excited to partner with Crown Worldwide Group as it strengthens its commitment to sustainability. The implementation of Neutral Fuels’ biodiesel showcases its dedication to decarbonisation and alignment with the UAE governments’ plan to reduce emissions by forty percent by 2030.


“Crown Worldwide Group is setting an example for other logistics companies to follow, proving environmental responsibility and operational excellence can go hand in hand.”

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