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Be safe. Be ready. Reopening Services

Reopening your business is just the beginning working in a new normal. Having employees and customers know they are in a safe environment will help bring back your business. Some of the changes will be temporary and others standard procedure in the COVID environment. Regardless, Crown Workplace has the services to meet the now and the future standards of health and safety.

commercial disinfection service
  • We have partnered with SERVPRO®– a nationally recognized leader in bioremediation. By providing the following services we are confident your workforce can get up and running quickly and stay safe throughout the workday: Crown Workspace and SERVPRO® are committed to going above and beyond to make you and your employees feel safe. Learn how we are getting America back to back.
  • Keep your staff safe at the desks or workstations with Plexiglass protective barriers. These protective barriers offer protection from the direct spread of airborne droplets containing COVID 19 coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria.
  • Meet social distancing requirements to keep workers up to 50% safer. Our project managers can work with you to understand your needs and provide retro-fitted solutions that can be easily implemented now and for the long-term post COVID-19.


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