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Crown Workspace sleeps out for the YMCA and raises £1400!

Last Friday, nine members of our Crown Workspace team left their beds behind and spent the night in Crown boxes in Central London as part of the YMCA’s SleepEasy Event.

So far, we have raised almost £1400! This money will go to the YMCA so that they can continue to support individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.  It was an eye-opening experience for our team members, who gained a deeper understanding of the challenges that homeless people face every day. They were inspired by the resilience of the young people they met at the event and grateful for the opportunity to support the fantastic work that the YMCA does.

Rejaur, from YMCA said: “Sometimes we may not realise the impact events like this have on our young people, not only through fundraising, but also the collective effort of different organisations who represent our young people, showing them people genuinely care and understand their situation.”

Crown Workspace is committed to increasing our social impact.  With events like the SleepEasy and our donation initiative, the Giving Back Project, we are working to expand our reach and help as many individuals, charities and organisations as we can.  Last year, we donated over 5600 items of furniture, IT and equipment to our network of over 450 charities, schools and social enterprises.  If you know or work with non-profit organisations who you think could benefit from any of our initiatives, get in touch with our Giving Back Project team at

A very humbling experience, although feeling very cold throughout the night and hardly sleeping, I realised what the homeless go through on a daily basis. What a brilliant job the YMCA do in helping with support, encouragement and guidance given to so many young people for a fantastic cause.”
Joanne Gordon

I thought it was just taking a sleeping bag to spend the night outside, but I didn’t expect the cold air at night to make me so cold that I couldn’t sleep all night, so I can imagine the feeling of the homeless who spend the night outside every day.  I am sincerely grateful to Crown and YMCA for organizing this event, which gave me the greatest experience in my life.
Jack Chang

It was fantastic to meet the young people the YMCA support, listen to their stories and hear how the YMCA has helped them.  The SleepEasy was a brilliant event and I’m so glad to have taken part and raised money for such an important cause.”
Liv Sheridan

“Just one night in a controlled environment in no way measures against the hardship true homelessness presents. The more we can do to highlight this the more they have a chance to turn their life around”
Mo Alam

It was a great experience for me sleeping outside my comfort zone and talking with other people about how they felt sleeping out.  I would do it again next year.”
Jacob Soultanian

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