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Specialist – Labs/Libraries

Certain organisations such as hospitals, universities, manufacturing facilities and libraries have individual and specialist needs that extend beyond those of the average office removals. At Crown Workspace, we understand the unique requirements associated with these specialist moves and provide a bespoke service to suit you.

We have helped to relocate a wide range of commercial businesses and public sector organisations, including major hospitals, laboratories, museums, factories, colleges, libraries and universities. Our extensive experience in planning and delivering specialist relocation projects can be undertaken around your exact needs.

We can work outside of your operational hours to avoid potential conflicts with employees, students and the public. For example, we have moved museum exhibitions overnight and library collections over weekends to minimise disruption.

Maintaining live and sensitive operations

We appreciate the complexities of relocating whilst supporting live and sensitive operations and have carried out live cold moves, including fridges and freezers maintaining critical sub-zero temperatures for chemicals in laboratory moves.

We have pulled files required for clinics and emergencies and backfilled returned files during hospital moves so as not to disrupt the delivery of medical services. We have employed banksmen to accompany every vehicle movement across campus during university moves, so as to ensure the safety of students at all times.

Flexibility to meet your needs

We provide complete flexibility to meet your needs, whether you are moving a small art collection or a single exhibition, relocating hundreds of departments in a busy hospital or university, or hundreds of linear kilometres of books and journals in a national library.

As a leading workplace change service provider, we have the capability to meet all your relocation requirements in one integrated solution. As well as moving your collections, files, chemicals, OEMs and specialist equipment, we can relocate your staff and IT equipment too.

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